Friday, April 25, 2008

In Milton, Regular Folks To Police Code Violations


Milton could have 20,000 code enforcement officers.
But that's unlikely since the entire city isn't expected to turn out for a Citizens Code Enforcement Training Program being offered at 1 p.m. Saturday.

But the city will have more eyes and ears to help make developers toe the line, keep the community neat and in compliance with city laws. Homeowners' association leaders are encouraged to send at least one person.

Topics will include the city's sign ordinance, tree preservation ordinance, erosion control practices and the state water conservation policy.The program will focus on identifying common code violations and acceptable techniques to remedying violations, according to the city Web site.

After attending the class, citizen officers can serve as a volunteer citizen deputy, the city Web site says.

The session will be conducted at City Hall Court Room (Suite G).


Anonymous said...

Does a citizen deputy get a badge and side arm?

Anonymous said...

Yes and like Barney Fife

one bullet

Anonymous said...

Need two bullets to shoot tires on speeding silver BMW.