Sunday, April 27, 2008

City of Milton, Georgia | Comprehensive Plan Status.

Tom Wilson of the City of Milton recently released the following letter regarding Milton's Comprehensive Plan:

On behalf of the Mayor Joe Lockwood and the Milton City Council, I would like to welcome you to the Milton Comprehensive Plan interactive Web site area and extend an opportunity for you and your neighbors to be involved in helping chart a path for the City of Milton’s future.
Milton Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) will oversee the planning process for the city in developing priorities that incorporate the values of the majority of the residency and shape these objectives into a desirable implementation program. The Milton City Council has enlisted the expertise of a private consulting firm to manage the overall comprehensive planning process through 2008 in an effort to meet with area residents in creating a truly interactive public involvement program that meets the needs of an evolving municipal economy.

This interactive Web site area includes an online form that allows Milton citizens a continuous opportunity to provide public input as part of the ongoing Comprehensive Plan process. The Milton CPAC includes the members of the Planning Commission, Chairperson of the Board of Zoning Appeals, Chairperson of the Design Review Board, and the seven citizen appointments of the Milton Mayor and City Council membership. The CPAC Chairman, George Ragsdale, also sits on the City’s Planning Commission.

Consultants for the Milton Comprehensive Plan will develop an exciting program that will last over a 12-month period, utilizing the Georgia Department of Community Affairs minimum standards as the underlying foundation in the performance schedule.

The City of Milton is currently operating under the Focus Fulton County 2025 Comprehensive Plan Update, originally adopted by the Fulton County Commission in November 2005.
The city’s staff will continuously monitor and update this Web site with associated informational files attached to the Milton Comprehensive Plan site to serve as educational tools for Milton residents to review and provide public involvement comments.

The Milton Mayor and City Council has viewed the Comprehensive Plan process as one of the most important goals in the list of priorities for our new municipality, where we are both proud and excited to bring this involved process on behalf of the Community Development Department to the citizens of Milton.

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Tom Wilson,
Community Development Director

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