Friday, April 25, 2008

Greening Up Milton, Georgia!

Milton -

It was a beautiful Friday in Milton with a few scattered clouds as city and staff leaders came together in celebration of Arbor Day. To mark the event, a Princeton American Elm tree was planted by the play ground at Bell Memorial Park. Many local children listened in as council person Tina D'Aversa shared some education on trees and the benefits they provide.


Anonymous said...

What a good time and a wonderful way to get the children involved in Arbor Day and their community. I only wish it had been communicated better to the residents. A constant contact email sent out by COM at Noon the same day as the event was the only part I would change. I think many more families would have been there to celebrate the City's first tree planting had they been able to plan for it. Other than that it was terrific and the kids learned how to plant a tree, and so did the adults. And, we each got a baby tree "goodie bag" too. Anyone interested in more Green things? Join the Milton Gardening Club. (See the Access Milton home page and click on the link for more information.)


Anonymous said...

Where is "O'B"?

Anonymous said...

He went to defecate and the hogs ate him.