Monday, April 28, 2008

One Person...For One Cawz.

by Tim Enloe; Magnolia Media, LLC

It is amazing to me the power that one person can have. A simple soul doing a simple act and with that positive act so many can benefit. Such is the instance of Milton's very own Lizbeth Grall; the founder of the "Pawz For A Cawz" adoption extraganza held at Wills Park this past Saturday. Numerous adoption / rescue groups were part of this wonderful doggie day and many breeds were represented, from Greyhounds to German Shepherds and everything in between.

Thanks to Lizbeth's many long months and late nights of preperation, dogs whose lives would have been cut short due to over crowding and lack of interest are now in the loving arms of their new families. If you haven't had the chance to meet Lizbeth, you are truly missing out. You can see her passion within minutes of meeting her and Milton, Georgia is lucky to have her as a resident.

I have seen first hand her acts of compassion; most notably that of Leo aka "Superdog", who was days away from euthinasia in late 2007. To see the before and after pictures of this wonderful fellow would make even the toughest guys well up. Leo was last seen this past Sunday at Alpharetta's Corner Deli patio giving out some wonderful kisses and love!
She plans on having the "Pawz For A Cawz" event annually. So grab your calendars for spring '09 and make a note to come and hang out with man's best friend.
The following is a video of the first of many "Pawz For A Cawz" events to come!

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