Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Upcoming Milton Council Meetings & Agenda

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Wednesday, September 3rd at 6pm the Mayor and City Council will review the first draft of the Fiscal 2009 Budget as well as adjustments to the Fiscal 2008 Budget. This will be the first of three possible Fiscal 2009 Budget meetings. A budget workshop will be held during the regularly scheduled meeting on September 8th at 6pm to initially discuss all of the requests in more detail, if necessary. The final document will be presented for approval on September 15, 2008. Click to review the Fiscal 2008 & 2009 Budget information. Attend the meeting and let our City Officials know how our tax dollars should be spent!

Additional Important City of Milton Meetings

Wednesday, September 3rd - Mayor & City Council Regular Meeting, 6pm
Thursday, September 4th: Bike & Pedestrian Path Committee - 6pm
TARA Committee Meeting - 6pm
CPAC Meeting - 6:30pm,
Monday, September 8th - Mayor & City Council Worksession, 6pm
Tuesday, September 9th - CPAC Meeting, 6:30pmWednesday,
September 10th - Tree Committee Meeting, 3:30pm


Anonymous said...

Sewer issue reason for Billy Beckett's resignation!

Citizens deserve to know the truth! Ask questions and seek the truth!

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That fish wrap??

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Remember who said those comments in the Beacon, Tart and Daversa.

Credible, eh?

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No matter how it's packaged, it's still fish wrap!