Thursday, September 11, 2008

Extension of Sewer on the City Council Agenda

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New "Proposed" Sewer Service Area Map and IGA being presented Monday, 9/15 at the Regular Meeting of City Council Your Attention is Required

The sewer issue and a revised Inter Governmental Agreement (IGA) and revised map have once again been placed on the Council agenda on Monday, September 15th at 6pm. Please attend this meeting and plan to speak up. We must tell our City officials why they should NOT support expansion of the current sewer policy nor completely rewrite the policy. Also, please call or e-mail our Mayor and City Council members today to share your ideas and concerns!

The proposed map and IGA clearly allow for sewer expansion. Do the Citizens of Milton want sewer expansion? The Alliance believes the Milton City Council, Mayor, Staff, and Fulton County need to hear loud and clear that we DO NOT support the additional land lots proposed in the new sewer area map, or exceptions to the 2006 policy.
At the August 4th Council Special Called Work Session, Council members and the City Attorney showed several land lots in discrepancy with the original agreement with Fulton County regarding where sewer was/was not allowed in Milton. The revised map and IGA to be discussed on Monday, show only two land lots were removed in the meantime.

The BHA research has found approximately 50 land lots in discrepancy --- 2000 acres that could be in jeopardy of sewer expansion. These affected land lots are in the Crabapple Area, Freemanville Road, near Milton High School, Bethany Road and Mayfield as well as Hopewell and Cogburn Roads. Allowing sewer into the areas not previously approved goes against the specific mandate of the community and what our elected officials promised during the recent election.

The "proposed" IGA goes against the approved 2006 sewer policy. "If the City of Milton agrees to adopt this map and make the land lots on this map the full boundaries of the Fulton sewer area such that new customers can connect to sewer in these land lots that are not controlled by the Inter basin Ordinance then yes you would need to modify the Inter Basin Ordinance because you are now contracting to allow sewer in the areas different than the Inter Basin Transfer Ordinance." (City Attorney Jarrard, 8/4/08, Special Called Work Session of the Milton City Council,summary minutes, page 19) Click http://http// for full summary minutes of the 8/4/08 work session.
Density can only be practically accomplished where there is sewer, and a change in policy would almost surely increase density in Milton. Over 87% of Milton survey respondents favored "no sewer" in Milton. This could be the single most important policy affecting what Milton will become, and any change in policy - large or small, should only be made with great inspection and citizen involvement.

Being informed and taking action on the information will help us let our elected officials know that Milton will not be overrun by unnecessary development. Milton has effectively protected the low-density rural charm and the vision should not be changed. Remind the City Council, Staff and Fulton County that the citizens want to uphold the vision of the city of Milton and the values of the Milton citizens. Please share this information with your neighbors, families and friends.

Monday, September 15th - City Council Regular Meeting, 6pm agenda
Monday, September 15th - CPAC Meeting, 6:30pm
Tuesday, September 16th - Board of Zoning Appeals, 7pm agenda
All meetings held at City Hall, 13000 Deerfield Parkway, Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

I thought Julie Zahner Bailey was supposed to have removed herself from this organization? Is this a legal or ethical issue for the city?

Has she not realized that she either needs to stay an activist and make up bs to get the week flock energized, or grow up and become a leader to help the city move forward?

Anonymous said...

Where is Bill Bailey in all of this. Usually he is right here with him script from the "boss". Hopefully he is doing his duty that he has a purpose for and she is happily riding around in his truck with her head hanging out. Does anyone know if he has recieved the mini van yet?

Anonymous said...

The BHA research has found approximately 50 land lots in discrepancy --- 2000 acres that could be in jeopardy of sewer expansion.

I love it BHA typical B.S.

Someone, please make them accountable.

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake bloggers please grow up and stop insulting Milton residents with your relentless Julie Zahner Bailey comments. It's so tiresome.

Has it ever entered your minds that there are other people out there who may have a strong interest in preserving Milton - Intelligent, inquiring people that can think for themselves...I repeat PEOPLE THAT CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES?

Is it perhaps possible that such people may have spent a considerable amount of time investigating the new Sewer Maps that the Fulton Commissioner Lynne Riley is trying to introduce (as no doubt have you!!!)

Out of interest I went to the Birmingham Alliance Site and found that the the Board is made up of 6 members. This is what I found about their President and Treasurer ...

"Joe Whitley, Birmingham Hopewell Alliance board member since 1997, is our president. He is a partner at the law firm of Alston & Bird. Joe was appointed by President Bush as the first General Counsel to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the highest ranking legal official in the department. He held that position for two years before his departure and return to private practice. Previously he had led Alston & Bird's white-collar and government investigations practice. Joe is also the former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

At DHS he oversaw approximately 1,500 lawyers and 400 support staff from numerous agencies, including the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, Border and Transportation Security, the Transportation Security Administration, Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection, and Emergency Preparedness and Response (FEMA).

As the first person to hold the position of General Counsel with DHS, Joe has dealt with virtually every aspect of the law touching on homeland security. Together with diverse Alston & Bird legal teams he now is counseling major corporations on public policy and legislative issues such as: disaster recovery and forward-looking mitigation strategies; cyber-security and critical infrastructure protection; immigration; customs and trade compliance; issues related to the USA Patriot Act as they affect banking and financial services firms, together with the insurance industry; the myriad of laws and regulations affecting all segments of the transportation industry; vulnerability assessments for members of the energy sector to include the broad spectrum of environmental regulations; and enforcement actions and criminal prosecutions, as well as civil litigation.

Joe previously had an extensive career in the Department of Justice, serving as the Acting Associate Attorney General, the third-ranking position in the Department of Justice, in the George H.W. Bush administration. He was appointed by Presidents Reagan and Bush, respectively, to serve as U.S. Attorney in the Middle and Northern Federal Districts of Georgia. At the time of his appointment he was one of the youngest persons ever to be appointed U.S. Attorney and the only person to ever serve as a Senate-confirmed U.S. Attorney for two separate jurisdictions. Throughout his career Joe served under five United States Attorneys General.

Joe received his J.D. and his undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia. At the local level, Joe has written guest columns about community issues for a variety of Georgia newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Joe has been actively involved with the issues facing Northwest Fulton since 1997. He has served on multiple committees and advisory groups including those tied to Birmingham Crossroads Master Planning efforts, the “no-sewer” issue, as well as those reviewing the proposed annexation of a portion of NW Fulton a few years ago. "

"Sharon Mays, serving as Treasurer of the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance, lives in the Woodvalley Subdivision with her husband, and 3 boys. She has been a resident of northwest Fulton County since 1994 and an involved member of the Birmingham Hopewell Alliance since 1997.

Sharon is a Certified Public Accountant and her firm, Mays and Associates, has provided accounting and tax services to individuals and businesses since 1988. She is an active member of the Alpharetta First United Methodist Church.

Sharon and her family chose northwest Fulton for their home because they love the rural atmosphere of the area and were seeking a less congested, unique area to reside and raise their family".

I may be a bit naïve but somehow I believe these people molded their very successful careers without input and direction from Julie Zahner Bailey...and I have no doubt that they are enormously capable of independent thought and certainly capable of researching and studying sewer maps.

But then again I guess I'm just a rational broad minded individual.


Anonymous said...

If all the folks listed on the website would just put their names to the BHA post, then we would know it is truly a BHA post. Unfortunately, the BHA website itself does not seem to have this particular call to action listed. In fact, the last "call to action" is May 2007, and the last "hot topic" is February, 2008. So is this a rogue branch of the BHA? I don't get it.

I do get that the correction of the exhibits to the IGA is NOT an expansion of sewer. On any other place in the U.S., the sites that would be included under the corrected IGA would be considered vested rights, and not an expansion of sewer. If the three parties on the City Council that do not get this persist, let's prepare ourselves for going over budget again on legal fees.

Anonymous said...

I realize there are intelligent people leading this important cause. I just can't respect anything from JZB and gang anymore. I wish other leaders would take the reins. Milton needs and deserves that now.

Anonymous said...

Which "other leaders" would those be?

Anonymous said...

To TS:
"Oh for goodness sake bloggers please grow up and stop insulting Milton residents with your relentless Julie Zahner Bailey comments. It's so tiresome."

Actually, it isn't. I enjoy coming on here and reading what everyone has to say. I think it shows there are really 2 different viewpoints. Not to mention that we (and yes, I am from "The Dysfunctional City of Milton") are so screwed up. We could not have screwed up a brand new city any worse if we actually put our mind to it and tried really hard.

Preserving Milton? "Milton" was just formed under 24 months ago. North Flulton county may be a better name for you to preserve. With that said, expansion IS COMING! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO. The only thing you can do is embrace it and make it quality.

Take for example that Milton seems to need 3 high schools within .25 miles of one another (Cogburn and Bethany Bend). Now that is stupid growth. So what, now our "rural" roads will be four lanes to accomodate 4 churches (one that will begin construction soon), 3 high schools, an Elementary school, a Middle school, and North Park? Seems rational for 2 traffic lights and a two-lane road with no shoulders.

Since 1994 huh? What about the real "Miltonites" who have lived here for 50+ years. Not just the ones who moved to Crooked Creek, White Columns and Woodvalley Subdivision. Are those "RURAL" subdivisions? Did a developer develop those subdivisions? Did a builder build thoe houses? You are IGNORANT!

You have me fired up.
Thanks TS.

Anonymous said...

For your information I live off of Cogburn Road - the school will be right on my doorstep and on the doorstep of my Cogburn neighbors who have lived in their same little houses for 60 years. We know exactly what it is like to live here - to have our quality of life eroded at every turn.

Believe you me I am far from ignorant - in fact quite the contrary.

By the way I'd dearly love to try to preserve "North Flulton" if I could but a search yielded no hits on that name. I guess the fact that you cannot spell makes you illiterate. That's about as narrow minded a comment as your "you are ignorant" don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I for one, as well as most of the othere people I have talked to, wish the city would just put this whole issue to bed, one way or annother.

Anonymous said...

It can't be put to bed until Fulton County stands by its agreement with the city.

Even then it will continue to be a rub because of all the $$$$ it represents.

Anonymous said...

Comment #10 is the exact point. Up or down, right or not, MAKE A DECISION!!

The problem, the JZB koolaid drinkers DON'T want to make a decision. CodePinkMilton needs a fake issue to wring their hands about, so they can feel "validated". If it was finally put to rest, they would have to go home and deal with their lives or husbands, ex-husbands, kids.

Since there are only about five women holding all the taxpayers and lifelong Miltonites hostage (I am one of them), TS must be one of the "true beleivers". Sounds like either pie-face Patti, burnt brillo or mrs mugabe-if not Jizabel herself.

Wake up milton. We should dump JZB and everyone who has been stupid enough to create this mess.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Miss Daisy here, "has anyone seen Bill lately"?

Anonymous said...

Don't you call Patti "pie faced or I'll kick the stuff'in out of you-Leo a.k.a "Harry the Horse"

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks Leo. Maybe you could get them to just migrate right on over to It's a happier place and a much nicer one too.

With Love,