Monday, September 15, 2008

Note From Council Person Tina D'Aversa

Volume 2 Issue 7 September 15, 2008


Dear Milton Neighbor,

I hope this note finds you well and surviving the Indian Summer here in Milton.

This note is being sent by me to friends and neighbors because I want you to be aware that the Sewer Service Area May Be Extended in Milton and a City Council Vote is proposed for the City Council meeting tonight September 15, 2008.

Let me be clear that I oppose a vote on Monday night without a thorough work session review of the sewer service in Milton and the proposals presented by city staff and Fulton County. I have informed Mayor Lockwood and our City Attorney that I am unable to attend the meeting tonight due to a mandatory education certification meeting I must attend. I requested that the sewer item be moved to a work session September 22, 2008. This would afford the council and city staff more time to review information provided by Fulton County and the city of Milton. The Mayor feels this item should remain on the agenda for tonight.

I want to thank you for your emails and comments regarding the upcoming sewer service proposal for the City of Milton. I have heard from many citizens requesting that I support the No Inter-Basin Transfer Ordinance adopted in 2006. My response is that I do support this ordinance and believe it should not change. The citizen survey finalized earlier in 2008 clearly reflects that Milton Citizens do not support sewer extension in the city of Milton. 87% of citizens responding to the survey believe septic systems are more in accord with Milton's vision statement for a rural and equestrian-centric community.

Fulton County does currently provide sewer service to the areas reflected in the 2006 No Inter-Basin Transfer Ordinance. Sewer is necessary for commercial areas requiring greater density and for higher density residential areas. Milton's vision includes neither. Fulton County has proposed a new sewer service area and Inter Governmental Agreement (IGA) with the City of Milton. The sewer service area map provided by Fulton County provides sewer extension to approximately 40 acres not previously provided sewer. This map and IGA violates the 2006 No Inter-Basin transfer ordinance adopted by Fulton County and the City of Milton. Fulton County would like the City of Milton to vote tonight on the proposed IGA so that the Fulton County Commissioner's can vote on the IGA September 17. This is an outrageous request that does not allow the time needed to properly review the policy or ordinance.

At my urging and the urging of Mayor Lockwood and several city council members and through direction of the city attorney, the City staff provided an alternative to Fulton County's sewer service proposal this past Friday, September 12. The revised IGA was provided to the City Council, Sunday, September 14. The alternative map and recommendation from the city staff is pending review by the city council and will require due diligence in the review process.

The issue of sewer service and expansion in Milton is a critical concern for most citizens. As stated above, I have requested that this item be placed on a future work session agenda. If needed, we can host an additional work session, Monday, September 22. This will allow the council more adequate time to review the proposals including the maps and legal issues surrounding the changes being requested. We owe a thorough review of this critical issue to the citizens living in Milton and to the businesses operating in Milton. The council can then come together and thoroughly discuss the proposals in an open forum and allowing for public input.

During this review time, any property properly permitted for sewer service in the currently serviced areas adhering to the 2006 No Inter-Basin Transfer Ordinance/Law will receive sewer. No business is being held up that meets the requirements under the polices adopted from Fulton County by the City of Milton in 2006.

Milton's Vision Adopted by the City Council and Endorsed by Citizen Survey Responses
Incorporated on Dec. 1, 2006, the City of Milton is a distinctive community that embraces small-town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing the city's rural character. The City of Milton is committed to maintaining a unique quality of life while efficiently delivering essential services to residents and businesses in an interactive community environment.

Let me close by saying, I am sorry this note is so long but it reflects the seriousness of the matter to the future of our city. I feel strongly about this issue and have heard from many citizens this week who are very concerned about this issue.

- Before any new sewer service can be approved, I would like the sewer policy review placed on the September 22 work session for thorough review and discussion by the city council and city staff.

- I do not support taking a vote Monday night on sewer service area in Milton because the council members and citizens have not had adequate time to review the proposals.

- The City Council has the opportunity to make the best decision for the city of Milton and define more clearly the sewer service areas in Milton.

- This decision deserves thorough review and a well presented discussion of the alternatives. A hasty review and vote during the formal council meeting this Monday night would not be prudent.

Please review the Fulton County proposed sewer service maps and proposed IGA. The documents are provided on the front page of the City of Milton website at

I have requested that the alternative maps prepared by the City of Milton staff and the city attorney be posted to the web site so that the public can review these maps and compare to the Fulton County proposal.

I am asking that you encourage your mayor and city council members to support a thorough discussion of the sewer service area proposals, maps and IGAs during a special work session. You may email each of the Mayor and six council members from the City of Milton Web Site linked above.

Do not hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance at 678-242-2498 or email me at
Thank you in advance for your support.

In your service,

Tina D'Aversa

Preserving and Protecting Milton


Anonymous said...

Translation: "this is an incredibly important meeting and you must be there, even though I won't be"

(But, she still gets paid)

Anonymous said...

She gets the moron of the year runner up award

Anonymous said...

Milton's "fading barbie doll".

Anonymous said...

"Great people talk about ideas.
Average people talk about things.
Small people talk about other people."
Author: Unknown

Anonymous said...

Who is the "Moron of the year"?

Anonymous said...

Probably you !!

Anonymous said...

You all should stop being so mean on this blog. What comes around goes around.

"Be the Change you want to see in the World."


Anonymous said...

Poor Tina. She started out so bright and really had herself together, or it seemed.

Unfortunately she has found herself swimming with idiots. It is a shame as she seemed to be the one that looked proffesional and reasonable?

Anonymous said...

Had everbody fooled, didn't she.

Now everyone can see, she is the type of person who gives airheads a bad name.