Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miltonian Concerned About Speeding Abuses

NOTE: The staff of are advocates of safe driving. We applaud Christopher Bloor for stepping up to the plate and leading the charge to make our roads and our families safer. Please stand with Christopher and sign the petition!

Thank you,

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC

Dear Milton Neighbors,

As our city streets become busier and more commuters use them to access to HWY 400 and surrounding thoroughfares, we have seen traffic become congested and accidents become more prevalent. Many people are unfamiliar with the roads of Milton and will at times endanger themselves and other with excessive speeds.

Under Georgia law, the police are limited in their ability to control speeders unless they are going excessively over the posted limit. Once someone has reached 11mph over the posted limit, the police are able to stop them an issue them a citation. That means that someone has to be doing 56mph in some areas before they can be slowed down.

This initiative is not about adding revenue to the city or trying to create speed traps. It is about safety in our neighborhoods. The families that live along the streets where speed limits are set to 45mph have the same safety concerns that those of us that live in traditional neighborhoods have. It is time that we ensure that all of our communities and neighbors are safe.

Over the last two years, we have had multiple accidents occur because of speed and have unfortunately had people die on our City streets for the very same reason. To ensure the overall safely of our community we must take action to limit the possibilities of further accidents or deaths.

Please take a moment to sign the petition ( and help us to support our community, our city and the police and firemen who protect and serve us.

Thank you, Christopher Bloor


Christopher said...

We need to do something to ensure that we streets remain safe. We simply have too many people using our roads as a thoroughfare. While some of you may disagree with my suggested limit, I would ask that you still sign the petition and leave a comment as to what you think the limit should be.

Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

Traffic enforcement is the key underlying issue. Resources must be provided for improved enforcement:

Police must be visible and active in problem areas. A firm, dynamic policy backed by the entire police force is the minimum requirement. Some of the cost will be recouped in fines. Increased traffic enforcement enables police to apprehend persons wanted on other charges, because many traffic violators are chronic offenders.

Electronic enforcement tools such as photo-radar and red light cameras have proven their worth in many jurisdictions. Their cost is more than recovered from fines - which penalize offenders, not the general population.

Anonymous said...

I think traffic is already too heavy in the AM and PM. Lowering the speed limits will only make matter worse. Yes, people do pass through our city but that happens to every city in Atlanta. We need to enforce traffic laws, but must get people to work and back everyday.

Closing roads does not help anyone either. Dirt roads, gravel roads and paved roads. It only congests other roads.

Ultimately we must get people to work and school as smoothly as possible.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the post previous to mine. Lowering the speed limits are essential to keeping ALL residents safe in Milton.

Unfortunately, many in today's society practice a bias that they probably don't even recognize. That bias is treating people differently depending on where and how they live. For example, my street (Bethany Road) has 47 homes on it - we are 100% residential. Yet from both the city and many communter's perspective, we are treated as second class citizens with constant high speeds,lack of speed enforcement, trash thrown in our yards daily, and loud stereos.

One has to wonder if such manners would be allowed in our newer "communities."

Our gov't always prides itself on equal treatment under the law. If this is true, then any areas within the city of Milton that havr homes should have the same speed limit and the same enforcement.

I highly recommend that both our residents and gov't adopt this ideology. Otherwise, the supposed "rural" character will be replaced with more "communities" and big box retailers before all is said and done. Then the advantage of living in Milton is gone.

Keep safe -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Living on highly traveled roads has its detriments there is no doubt about it.

Christopher said...

I wish that just having the law enforced would make a difference. But I have leaned that unless someone is doing 11mph over the speed limit (56mph) they will not be stopped. And that is how the law is written.

If everyone would do 45mph and below. We would not have an issue. But with how the state law was enacted, the hands of Milton's police force are tied.

As such, we need to ask for changes so that we can ensure that our streets are safe.