Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter From Mayor Lockwood

Friends and Neighbors,

Last Monday, September 15th, the Milton City Council approved a plan to move forward on a sewer service area agreement with Fulton County. This passed by a 4 to 3 vote, with myself as one of the 4 in favor.

This plan basically defined the areas of Milton that have access to sewer and those that do not. It was based on an existing Fulton County ordinance, and actual additional areas that already are sewered, or had commitments from the County before Milton was formed to be sewered. There are divided opinions on this issue and I respect every one of Council's opinion.

This issue has been going back and forth for a long time and it has made things very unproductive both at the city and between our citizens, has cost a loss of key staff, and has cost $ thousands of dollars in legal opinions. As the leader of the city, I felt very strongly that this issue needed to be addressed and decided upon so that we may move forward as a city in a positive way, and allow us to work on future "quality of life" issues for our citizens. I honestly believe that if we waited 2 more weeks, or 2 more month, or 2 more years, the decision would have been the same.

It boils down to this:

Our staff and legal dept. recommended that we take 7 properties out of Fulton County's rendition of what they believed was the existing sewered areas. What I supported was this, minus 2 properties in Crabapple that were called for higher density by the approved Crabapple Master Plan.

Here are the facts and numbers:

1. Previous sewered area, Big Creek basin 3280.5 acres (13%), Little River basin 795.6 acres (3%), and un-sewered areas of 20,862.8 acres (84%)

2. Fulton County proposed sewered area, Big Creek basin 3344.9 acres (13%), Little River basin 795.6 acres (3%), and un-sewered areas of 20,798.3 acres (84%)

3. City of Milton sewered area that passed they other night, Big Creek basin 3287.6 acres (13%), Little River basin 795.6 acres (3%), and un-sewered areas of 20,855.6 acres (84%)*

These above numbers were provided by City of Milton Community Development Dept.

As you can see there are marginal differences in acreage and no difference in percentages of sewered vs. non-sewered areas. I feel confident that this decision will allow us to enforce and support a plan that will protect Milton and ensure that all of our commitments and promises can be up held for you, our citizens and neighbors.

Please feel free to give me a call at 678 993 7664 if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely,Mayor Joe Lockwood


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mayor and Council Lusk, Thurman, and Hewitt. It is about time! The majority of the citizens support you and realize that we need SMART growth. Multiple lawsuits would cost the city millions we don't have. The others need to stop bickering and think about what is best for Milton.

Anonymous said...

Did you count all of your fingers and toes to get this majority you mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Majority equals "4", not "3" Bill. 4 votes trump 3! Get a clue buddy. Get over it, the city cant be run by extremist whako's like the 3 minority voters.

Enjoy riding around with the dog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you only need 4 fingers or toes, not both.

Anonymous said...

Allright, anyone want to guess what Julie is going to "fight" next now that the sewer issue is behind us?

Maybe she should set her goal at running off everything and everybody that is good from our city?

Anonymous said...

The fingers and toes comment refers to the first blogger's statement "The majority of the CITIZENS support you."

If you're going to debate, know what you're debating.

Unfortunately spouting off without understanding is how you've decided the sewer issue too.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe she should set her goal at running off everything and everybody that is good from the city."

Maybe she'll start with you...but, wait! You said everybody that is "good". You don't qualify. Maybe she'll make an exception and run you off anyway.

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Julie, Alan, Tina: Your promises are as good as gold. We know that when you say something we can take it to the bank...but not to First Milton Bank.

Anonymous said...

You sewer freaks need to find a new game to play - you lost!

Anonymous said...

You mean Lockwood's bank? Convenient change of heart after 1 1/2 years of standing his ground.

Anonymous said...

Should have just voted Ragsdale in the first term if this is what the community is left with, a Mayor who caves under pressure. Would have at least saved us alot of money from their bickering, and Jan would have been happy from the start.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Joe fan and I recognize that there needs to be smart growth and that the City needs to move forward
...but even I have to acknowledge that it’s a very pitiful situation when 3 council member's who stuck to their campaign promises and tried to deliver the no sewer policy as requested by nearly 87% of the citizens who completed Survey (I might add a record survey return response) are then ostracized, spoken about in the most derogatory manner and treated with the most deplorable disrespect both here on this site and within the community.

Quite frankly it's nothing short of shameful.

Anonymous said...

You need to respect to receive respect. I guess trashing the Mayor makes you a respectful and wonderful citizen of Milton. Choas, hate and resentment must be the way you live. Moving on and doing what is best must not be an option. It is shameful.

Anonymous said...

"You need to respect to receive respect." EXACTLY!

It is beyond disrespectful for any politician to run a campaign on popular ideals and when the important vote comes up dishonor themselves by voting otherwise.

Anonymous said...

When you run a city you have to give and take and taking millions in a lawsuit by the land owners and Fulton county would not give you anything to complain about anymore when there is no city of Milton, but I am sure you would continue your griping with someone else. Maybe one day you will wake up and realize you are not the majority. Now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree with above 110% Campaign promises come after intelligent day to day decisions.

Absolutely no sewer is irrational. Although NO ONE LIKES GROWTH and everyone is EQUALLY hurt by additional growth.

Anonymous said...

If there were previously agreed-upon, written commitments by Fulton County to allow sewer on these specific properties, be so kind as to show us. Then everyone can understand and move on.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Joe! You stepped up to lead and leaders have to make decisions...sometimes hard decisions...that don't please everyone. Milton can move forward.