Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help Bring An Old Pup Home!

Many thanks to Patti Silva at Miltonville for sharing this with us.
Dear Friends and Neighbors:

An older black Lab was found at Shannondale Farm at 2225 Birmingham Road (closer to Hopewell Road) in Milton about 6:30 this evening. They called me and now I have the dog at my home. He is jet black other than a white/grey muzzle and feet (i.e nicknamed "Shoes" by my children) and a green shock collar (with dead battery) but no tags. He also has a green scarf with fire trucks tied around his neck.

Do you know anyone missing a older black Lab? Could you please forward this email to your friends and neighbors in Milton so we can get him home.

He sure is a sweet old fella!

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Miltonville said...

Please contact:

Patti Silva

"Shoes" is sad and missing home. Do you know anyone on Birmingham to whom this old fella might belong?? Please Help!!