Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Poll Up


We have a new poll up for the news blog. The survey asks: Who do you blame for the resignation of City Manager Billy Beckett? Cast your vote in the right margin today!

AM Staff


Anonymous said...

OK Tim, since you are stirring this up, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hello. The pot was already stirred.
As for the poll question, we do our best to get input from residents regarding the current state of affairs.

I have not read any of the email exchanges referenced so many times previously. Thus, I am not as knowledgeable as I would like to be.

Keep Safe -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is to blame?

Anonymous said...

The people who voted for cityhood.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with Beckett.

Julie (and sidekick The Tart) will not be able to work with anyone who does not completely agree with her ideas.

I think all of Milton knows that by now.

Anonymous said...

"I think all of Milton knows that by now."

Surely you JEST.

Anonymous said...

Well the ones who pay attention.


Anonymous said...

At the rate we're going...won't be too long before we are too broke to "pay" attention.