Wednesday, August 27, 2008

***Lost Milton Doggie!***

Many Thanks to Patti Silva of for sharing this information with us!

Daisy went missing today at approximately 2:30 pm (Wed, 8/27) after our lawn service left our side gate open. She is a beautiful, sweet, loyal companion and loves children. She is a rescue dog that does not deserve anymore hardships. She was last seen in the Providence @ Atlanta National subdivison. The search area has been the immediate area, New Providence Road to Doris, and Doris to Birmingham Highway. She has never previously run away or been lost. She can be a bit shy especially of men due to her previous abuse, but she is not aggressive. She is a spayed, female, very dark yellow (pretty honey color) with a pine green collar (with rabies tag/license/and microchip tag) and she is approximately 6 years old. We searched until 10:30 this evening amongst tears with no luck.

We would be so grateful to anyone that could make our family whole again!

Lorri Werner
770-558-4044 hm
312-246-1600 cell


Anonymous said...

Lost Doggie "Daisy" Found! She came home safe and sound early this morning.

30004usa said...

We live a wonderful, caring, animal loving community.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Bill Bailey for this!

Anonymous said...

Can she still ride with Bill if he gets the weenie mobile?