Thursday, August 14, 2008

Floyd Keisler Chimes in from Moss Hill Farm.

Hi Veggie Friends,

Today ends the tomato season for me. This week will end the cucumbers. I still have these idems and they will be available for a little longer:
Summer yellow squash
Butternut winter squash
Red Kuri winter squash
Blue Hubbard winter squash
A little okra
Apples next week
Turnip and mustard greens in about 30 days

Several have asked about using compost on your own flowers and garden spots. Now is the time to put down at least 6 inches on top of the garden/flower area for it to incorporate into the soil, then in January or February put down another 6 inches on top of the ground. You will have your garden spot ready for summer if you do this without having to plow or prepare the soil in any other way. I have some almost ready, let me know if I can help in this area.

I am selling a 50 pound bag for $2.00 or a trailer load which is 3 cubic yards for $125.00 delivered in North Fulton. A trailer load will cover a 10 foot by 30 foot area 4-6 inches deep.

Thank all of you again for making this years project a success.
Have a blessed day.


--Floyd Keisler 770-815-2815 Keisler Realty, Inc.

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