Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Beckett resigns over conflict with football

By EILEEN SCHULTE, Times staff writer Published August 3, 2007

SAFETY HARBOR - After enduring criticism for taking time off from city business to work at his other job officiating football games, City Manager Billy Beckett has decided to resign.
His last day is scheduled for Oct. 1, but he indicated he'll depart sooner if the City Commission desires.

Beckett, 58, had no comment other than to say his resignation letter to Mayor Andy Steingold and city commissions "says it all."

The letter cites "extenuating circumstances" which "caused me to critically evaluate the overall operating environment here and the likelihood of a sustained tenure here does not appear to me to be the option that I once believed it to be."

He wrote that "it would be in the best interests of all parties involved if I stepped aside."
Since he began his $120,000-per-year job in late October, Beckett has taken about a month off. Many of the absences were on Fridays before college and Arena Football League games he refereed.

Mayor Steingold noted the absences in public comments about Beckett's performance, but did not call for his resignation.

At a meeting last month, a commission majority vigorously defended the manager saying he was doing an outstanding job. But Beckett "didn't think he had the commission's support," City Commissioner Joseph Ayoub said. Ayoub also said Beckett felt taking unpaid leave from the city to officiate football games would negatively impact his finances.

Beckett's wife couldn't find a job in the area and remained in Georgia along with his children.
"I think it's too bad," Ayoub said. "I think we're losing a good city manager."


Anonymous said...

So, does the person responsible for posting this know something that I don't know. That BBs exit has something to do with football and his need for time off. I could have sworn that issue was thoroughly addressed before he was hired with unanimous approval from Mayor and Council.

I'll see if I can find that article so you can post it too. Just to be fair and all.

We aren't comparing apples to apples here, are we? That would be fair. But this is not about fair is it? Something else much bigger than extra time off, or having a second job, or perhaps the Prince William sewer policy, is the issue here. That's what I want to know.

From what I understand, Milton is a city manager decision making, driven environment as stated in our own city charter. Roswell and Alpharetta have Council driven environments. Anyone have the charter handy where it says that? Is it true?

I want to know why we lost another city manager in only 4 months. And our city seems to become more toxic every time.

So what is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No personal agendas please. Just the doggone ENTIRE, NON-POLITICAL, TRUTH!!!

That is what Y'all should be asking also. No name calling. No ethics charges. No backstabbing. No articles about football from 2007. Just the TRUTH about what happened in Milton please.

And then let's all move on with getting this place on track so we can celebrate all the great things about living in Milton.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox and you can now have the mic, LOL. Thanks and Good Night!

Anonymous said...

Wake up Milton. No one wants to work in an environment where they are hired to do a job, yet their hands are tied behind their back. Until something is done about JZB, then Milton will continue to suffer. It is like one big dysfunctional family...when someone asks a tough question..they are asked to leave the room. Every place I go...Milton is not spoken of in any positive light... What kind of reputation is that to have?

Anonymous said...

someone post the records so we can all read them please.

Anonymous said...

Go to a council meeting and watch her beat up the staff and city attorney. Watch her boy Alan follow her also.

Anonymous said...

This article is like comparing Apples to bowling balls

Anonymous said...

This posting is trash, council member trash. It has nothing to do with anything happening at City Hall. This is the way three members of the council play the game - if you could trace the founder and requestor for posting it would surely lead back to Council. The citizens of Milton need to act. Things will NEVER change until the instigators are weeded out and removed. I feel badly for the citizens who don't know when they are being shafted right in front of their eyes. Well, you get what you ask for and if you aren't interested in getting to the bottom of this [and it can be done] as caring citizens then it is what it is. Quit calling name and pointing fingers, go do something. If you get to the trust, many will be disappointed in how they voted at the last election.

Anonymous said...

Trust - or truth? What did you mean. Either way would work. We need to be able to trust we'll know the truth one day.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "truth" but maybe it's a freudian slip. And to those who do attend the council meetings and trade confirming nods with seated council members, please don't think this goes unnoticed. Nod all you want, the truth will prevail and all your "plans" will be for naught.

Anonymous said...

Time to enact a No Nodding policy?

Anonymous said...

what are they nodding about? Who exchanging the nods??

Anonymous said...

Here is the article where it was known and approved...

Milton manager gets $137K salary, referee time

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/24/08

The contract for Milton's newly hired city manager, Billy Preston Beckett, has the standard stuff. Including: a $137,000 salary, $600 car allowance, 12 months severance pay, a 401(k) plan.

Then there's a perk you don't see everyday: Beckett will be allowed to take vacation time during the Arena Football League season to travel as a referee.

"As long as he gets his city manager job done, I'm OK with it," said Mayor Joe Lockwood.

Eight months after its first city manager departed, the Milton City Council hired Beckett, former Riverdale city manager and longtime Fayette County administrator.

Beckett said in an earlier interview his priorities for now are pretty basic — get to know the city staff members; get up to speed for projects already in the pipeline, and familiarize himself with the contract with CH2M Hill-OMI, which was hired by the city to provide day-to-day services.

Becket served as Riverdale city manager from 2000-04, and as Fayette County administrator from 1985-2000.

Before coming to Georgia, Beckett worked in Raleigh County, W. Va.; Franklin County, Va.; and Collier County in southwest Florida.

Beckett, 59, holds a Master of Urban Affairs, Public Management from Virginia Tech, and has completed all work except the thesis for Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

Most recently, he was a city manager in Florida.

He also served in the U.S. Army from 1970-72.

Anonymous said...

Way to go a factual post

Anonymous said...

This post is useless. Beckett is over and done with and that is old news. The questions and the facts wanted are regarding what transpired between council and Beckett. What transpired with the "nodding"?

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is that having a hobby or second job is probably very good for someone in Mr. Beckett's position. With all the stress you need a release. Imagine if councilmember Bailey had a hobby or her husband had a job, they would be so much more effective and usefull.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that one day councilmember Tart will mate with councilmember Thurman?

Maybe both of their eyes will open up?

Anonymous said...

I can picture it now, Bill Bailey and Bill Lusk watching while they play Michael Jackson's song "beat it" in the background and listen to Julie Bailey recite poems from her childhood memories about sewer extention while her Pa pumped out the outhouse?

Anonymous said...

Neal O'Brien might even join in as he punches his computor keys during wee hours of the morning, while Jim Lominick lurches outside in the bushes with his shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bill Bailey would make a good city manager. He doesn't really seem to have another job. I just see him riding around most of the time.

Anonymous said...

The city should hire him now cause if he dosent know something he can ask his wife because she "knows everything"!

Anonymous said...

I have the solution to all these problems. Since Bill Bailey needs a job, and the dogs keep getting lost from the above posts. The city could hire him to fix this problem. We could do a reality show based on his life and call it "Driving Miss Daisy", staring Bill Bailey as the hero driving around town in a silver Dodge pick-up truck rescuing lost labs, while his wife fights the sewer demons, and Tim Enloe could keep an eye on the speed that Bill drives.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he can watch Bills speed. God knows nobody else will unless of course you are on Deerfield Pkwy. That is the only street that matters in Milton.