Friday, June 18, 2010

TLAER donors get first glimpse of Randy.

The City of Milton Fire Department's Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue team (TLAER) recently held a special demonstration at Fire Station No. 43 for the donors that made Randy, a 400-pound horse mannequin, a reality.

Each of the invited guests helped raise the nearly $10,000 needed to purchase the training tool, which was made in the United Kingdom and shipped to Milton by freighter. The mannequin was purchased entirely through personal donations, not tax money.

Previously TLAER, which helps with animal rescues in Forsyth and Cherokee counties as well, had to train with sedated live animals and a veterinarian. Randy allows the team to prepare for dangerous situations too intense for a live animal, like being caught in a swimming pool or down an embankment, at any time.

For more information on TLAER or how you can donate for more needed equipment, click here.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Randy could replace the current Milton horse logo.

Anonymous said...

Or Karen Thurman could

Anonymous said...

The Milton, GA team gets their focus on success BLOGGED at