Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Noise Pollution In Milton Trumps Sewer Extension.

By Maggie West / Beacon Media

Though Councilwoman Karen Thurman stated “I have to admit it’s probably the most entertaining presentation we’ve ever had,” Tim Enloe’s request for a sewer extension to compensate for noise pollution on his property was denied.

A Milton resident for most of his life, Enloe argued the noise pollution from Milton High School’s band practices robbed him and his family of the “peace and quiet” they’ve known. He cited rumbling floors and windows for four hours or more a day.

He presented his grievances to city council, on Monday June 14, via a ten minute video entitled “Silence for Sewers.” In the introduction, Enloe stated “What about the peace and quiet that came with our property that no longer exists?"

Then in bold underlined words, “Equal Treatment” flashed before the screen followed by “What is Noise Pollution?” also bold and underlined. Subsequently, the display offered two quotes: “Noise pollution is unwanted human-created sound that has the effect of being annoying, distracting, painful, or physically harmful.” And quoted from “People continuously exposed to noise experience hearing loss, elevated stress levels, mood swings, hypertension, depression, lost sleep and productivity.”


Enloe followed up with how Milton City Council intervened on behalf of resident’s for the excessive noise coming from Montana’s Bar & Grill. “After numerous field trips to Montana’s and $80,000 spent on sound-proofing equipment by the owner, Charles Eubank, the issue was resolved.”

The video showed Enloe dressed as a woman with “Star Wars” music in the background, and she said “We’re going to buy your land for a school,” while holding a gun to a man’s head.

“Since then, life on Bethany has been filled with traffic, trash, and noise,” Enloe said.

The presentation also cited numerous properties being sold in Milton courtesy of

15385 Tullgean Drive / Milton / 7 acres“Enjoy the serenity and solitude of seven acres.”

15625 Tullgean Drive / Milton / 8.58 acres“Tranquil Equestrian Estate with pastures.”

16450 Hopewell Rd. / Milton / 1.79 acres“Tranquility & charm”

1530 Birmingham Road / Milton / 1.67 acres“Opportunity for sanctuary...”

“It’s obvious to see that “quiet” is a selling point when it comes to purchasing acreage in Milton,” grumbled Enloe.

Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood questioned the validity for sewers on the property due to a noise problem. And Enloe assured him “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the noise.”

“If I were to sell I’d have to disclose the noise. And people may not want to purchase it. So what I’m trying to do is because of my loss due to the noise, compensate for it here (meaning sewers).”

Lockwood explained that a city’s growth “is just part of life.” He continued, “What was fifteen or sixteen years ago is not what is today. I understand where you’re coming from, though.”

To which Enloe responded, “I don’t think you guys realize how bad it is. We didn’t move to the school, the school moved to us. The band sometimes plays from eight o’clock in the morning until eleven at night. And we have to leave the house.”


“I would agree with a lot of what you said, Joe” Enloe persisted. “But, honestly, the noise you hear ain’t like what we got. We’ve been robbed of our peace and quiet. For us, you killed half of the reason for living here. And nobody stepped forward for us. Nobody’s doing anything.” Enloe then added, “It’s hell!”

Councilman Joe Longoria weighed in: “I’m trying to understand. Your presentation makes a couple of assumptions. One asking for equal treatment under the law and that implies that somehow we’re not providing you equal treatment. I’m searching for what it is you’re looking for. You’re also somehow implying that we’re not taking action on the noise issue. I don’t know what action we can take.”

Enloe responded with “I want ya’ll to go meet with the Board of Education and work out something that they’ll compromise on. They might have the power, but that doesn’t mean we have to say ‘I’m not going to try.’ Go to them and say ‘You’re making people miserable around here.’”

The matter involving Montana’s resurfaced again. “In the one case [Montana’s Bar And Grill] we had jurisdiction. In the other we don’t. The Board of Education doesn’t look at the City of Milton in any different light than you -- a resident. So, if you want us to band together and write a letter to the Board of Education that’s certainly something we can do,” Longoria said.

Lockwood then suggested meeting with the new principal of Milton High School and talking to the Board of Education in an attempt to alleviate the situation.

Enloe concluded his argument by saying “I’ve begged and pleaded with a lot of you guys for five years. Let’s stick to the issue. Let’s make it happen, and move on.”

No timeline was established to address Enloe’s plea.


Anonymous said...

I have lived on Bethany since the school opened and have not witnessed what the Enloes have. I have enjoyed the band music, which I can hear. It has not rocked my windows or my floors. I have not known for it going from 8-11:00 except maybe when they have the battle of the bands. I don't believe the regular band could be practicing that long all the time.

I will say that maybe it is time for the Council and mayor to go meet with the principal and maybe visit the Enloes on band practice day to just see what he is witnessing.

Maybe all will be happy on Bethany Rd. for the Enloes.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Thurman's faux-pas when she asked if Enloe wanted sewer to increase density on his property? Whoops!

GNR said...

Longoria, a voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

If the "city's growth, is part of life" as Lockwood states, then give Enloe the sewer to his property. It is going to happen eventually anyway, why not now.

Rhonda Newell everyone knows you love to counter Tim Enloe on any thing possible, including the noise coming from Milton High School, therefore your comments are irrelevant. There are people who like the band music, but typically people who like to hear the school noise and bands, and activities from the games, "choose" to move near the school. Enloes did not "choose" this, it chose them, without any regard to the current lifestyles of his family or any other. this is why High schools should be built nearer to commercial areas, period. What sucks is that the Schools do not have to abide by the noise ordinances in any city, and that is wrong. Why should they gett speccial treatment, and individuals have to suffer. Sounds like an unfair law to me.

Anonymous said...

6:14 poster.. I AM NOT RHONDA NEWELL, so there are others on Bethany that are not so upset with the band also that are commenting. The only person who would think it was Rhonda would be some of the Enloes. Tim despises her and it is well known around Bethany. So next time before you throw stones at Rhonda, just realize there are about 40 residences on Bethany Rd.

Thank you, the 6:14 poster

Tim Enloe said...

Rest assured, if the Enloes are going to question anyone here or in person, we will stick our names to it and stand behind it. Everyone should know that by now.

Next, there are other neighbors who have gone straight to the BOE complaining about the constant noise. While you might like it, others might not. Just like some love the Eagles and others hate them. Pretty simple.

Re our lovely neighbors across the street, our current relationship is a direct result of their actions, not ours.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Tim Enloe said...

In addition, you confirm that you can here the school, dear neighbor, as we can. We purchased our property 33 years ago for peace and quiet. Also, the majority of our acreage is pasture so sound travels more quickly that in wooded lot. You are more than welcome to come over and listen for yourself if you like. Just thought I would reference that.

Give me a call.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

I don't live on a wooden lot my dear neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, 6:14 (first poster), not having a voice when someone plunks a school or whatever next to someone's property is flat out wrong. If you don't agree, then I bet you wouldn't mind Tim selling his property to a strip mall developer for a nail spa or dry cleaners, or Target right next to your 10 acres. But if you enjoy the band music, this shouldn't bother you either.
As far as throwing stones at Rhonda, she had done nothing constructive nor even had the common decency to try and see the other point of view, other than her own. But not everyone is of decent character in this town and would look at things objectively.

Anonymous said...

Just how do you know so much about Rhonda Newell. You would have to know the Enloes pretty well to think you are so update on their personal issues.

We all fought the school from going there. I was at those meetings. The BOE won out, past tense. It's over, the school is there. the Mayor and Council hopefully will help with the band issue, but evidently you did not read the 6:14 post very well. I did say it is time for the city of Milton to help Tim out.

This was not Tim's battle to fight, once it was evidently going to be the school. It was not his property they were buying and he tries to speak on those peoples behalf, when I know once again he has not spoken to everyone and he has no idea what they were thinking then and where they are in their life now.He was trying to stop the school, which you really cannot stop, so why cannot other people stop him from getting sewer!

Tim Enloe said...

(Sigh...) So much ignorance, so little time...

"This was not Tim's battle to fight, once it was evidently going to be the school."

WRONG. The school being placed there had a direct impact on my families property values, quiet enjoyment, and safety.

"It was not his property they were buying and he tries to speak on those peoples behalf,"

WRONG. My family pays property taxes which fund the BOE. Therefore, being an investor, we have a say just as you do.

"when I know once again he has not spoken to everyone and he has no idea what they were thinking then and where they are in their life now."

WRONG. I spoke to all families at the meetings. No need to lie. However, it is easy to see how people can forget - it has been five years.

"He was trying to stop the school, which you really cannot stop"

It is a good thing you weren't one of the founding fathers. If so, the USA would have never been.
No wonder the country is in the current state it is. Always question your gov't - it is in the constitution. You might want to review it since it has obviously been a while...

"so why cannot other people stop him from getting sewer!"

The answer is simple, but let's make it fun. Go read some of the founding historical documents in this country about the right to buy, own, and sell land. You might also want to review "equal treatment."

All this really doesn't matter if you work with us to shut the school up. If that happens, we will be here forever and your worries with the Enloes will dissovle away....that is until you try and tell someone else what to do with their property.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Funny the Blackwelders never talked to you according to them. They were the last to sell out.

Tim, you just don't get it. The BOE will rule out over you. I don't care what the Founding fathers say.

Maybe they will compromise for awhile but I'm sure it won't be long before the noise will be back.

Tim Enloe said...

So you are calling me a liar?

This OVER.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Of course, it is important to point out that the city council did not vote on Tim's presentation. No vote was taken - Tim's presentation was made at a "work session". To say that the council denied Tim's request is just flat out wrong.
I think that Tim knows this to be true.

Anonymous said...

Exactly last poster. It was a work session that turned out to be very comical. Could he not have just gotten up and spoken without the silly video?

Anonymous said...

Two Bits
Four Bits
Six Bits a Dollar
All for Enloe to stop whining
Stand up and Holler

Tim Enloe said...

One Bits
two Bits
Three Bits
Shut the high school up, or Enloe
will get sewer and be out the door.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

My phone call goes out to Lynne Riley to ask her to remove mine and my neighbors name from the request we signed asking for the extension of sewer Monday morning. I am over this issue!

I will also send a letter of request to the Mayor and City Council of Milton asking the same thing.

This has gotten way out of hand.

GNR said...

As someone that has lived here for a little more than 4 years, let me try to offer an opinion.

First, sewer is obviously the hottest issue in Milton aside from the temperature.

Second, this blog certainly gets things stirred up both in the community and for Mr. Enloe.

That being said, from what I read I don't see that Mr. Enloe is as receptive to other's perspectives and is prone to exaggeration. I'll get to that in a minute.

As I understand things, votes do not occur at work sessions, and I've seen other things that Ms. West has written, so I think she might be better served finding a new job that better serves her lack of talent.

I don't see that our city council has much control over what a school can / cannot do, so Mr. Enloe's pleas continue to fall on deaf ears. Sort of like him complaining to them about the turnout of this year's Florida orange crop. They don't have the ability to do anything about it.

And making threats about wanting sewer certainly seems like wrong way to go about collecting friends in this area, and apparently ticks off the neighbors, so is Mr. Enloe a maniac in disguise? Possibly so, and I'm becoming more convinced by the day. Just an opinion there Mr. Blog owner, just like an a$$h0l3, everyone's got one.

Why not get a group of concerned neighbors together and go over and speak with new principle, he seems like a nice, easygoing, young gentleman, give it a shot.

As for the exaggeration, Mr. Enloe has got to get past this as the problem eats away at his integrity. Your family may have bought here 33 years ago, but it's highly doubtful that you had a say in the matter, and it was probably the land prices, not necessarily the peace and quiet, you all could have just as well have bought in Cumming or Dawsonville.

As for the speed of sound, it's a constant. It doesn't travel at a different velocity because of grass or trees. And if it did the front of Mr. Enloe's property has trees, it isn't a pasture. His parent's property maybe, but that's not what we're talking about here.

Before you jump in on that "Blog man", let me explain. You went to city council to whine about noise at your property and ask for sewer on your property. You can't bring your folks property into the matter and looking at a topographic map, them getting sewer is unlikely as that school moving. Pump stations may be an answer, but they aren't cheap, they aren't pretty, and they aren't keeping with the rural nature of your road.

If you're such an awesome neighbor, then why are you in such a hurry to sellout and try to leave them in a rut? Are you on any city committee's? I certainly remember you running a few years ago. Something about an old blog of yours came up. I haven't seen that behaviour in you at the few city meetings that we've both attended, but it certainly appears to be resurfacing here.

Maybe it is time for you to take a long look at what you are and face yourself before flinging threats at the very community you claim to persevere so much for.

Anonymous said...

Well said 4:52 blogger. Very polite and to the point.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tim enloe said...

cursing is not allowed on accessmilton. Also, we did not write this article; the beacon did.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

One problem I see is that some residents see Milton as rural and some do not. In my opinion Milton is not rural. Milton is suburban.

GNR you lost credibility after I read the last two paragraphs.
A personal attack causes this loss.

You are too close to the Milton political process.
Your best bet was to stay on topic.

Tim Enloe said...


I am receptive of others perspectives. When someone insinuates that I am a liar, the discussion ends. I do not speak about topics that I am not knowledgeable about. Point in take would be the recent B'ham falls green class issue. I stayed in the shadows.

I want council to represent and find a solution. I do not want the "oh well..." approach. This country would never have been founded nor would women ever have been able to vote with that mindset.

Our sewer requests were not threats. They were the first attempt at balancing what we purchased. Noise pollution
and traffic impact a property's value. We have to find something to put us back to square one and sewer is it should we choose to sell. THIS WAS NOT A ZONING CHANGE REQUEST!

The majority of residents on Bethany are good people. You are unaware that four families, including us, sent Lynn Riley a letter last year stating our desire to be included in the sewerable area. It appears as though one family has changed their mind. I fully support them in whatever they believe is right. I will never tell them what to do
with their property. We expect the same in return.

The council is setting up a meeting with the new principal.

I did not have a say regarding the purchase of the Bethany property in '78; I do remember telling my parents that I wanted to move to the country. They bought Stable Days Farm due to the peace and quiet and acreage it afforded their family. You can ask my mother if you like. While money always matters, their primary reason was to find a simple quiet life and get away from the noise and rush of Dunwoody. They looked at property in Cumming.

Sound can be impacted by any barrier. Foliage is commonly used. Why do you think people plant cedars next to the road? Our requests involved BOTH properties; not just the two acres my home sits on.

So whenever a tax paying citizen goes before council with a greviance, it is to "whine." So be it. Pump stations could be the answer. However, I can tell you that money can make a lot of things happen. It just depends on whose buying. Since the school's arrival, Bethany experiences 4000 plus cars a day and traffic backs up. Such does not make a road "rural." It is the polar opposite.

We are not in any hurry to sell out as we have been dealing with this noise issue for five years. It has finally come to a head. We are not looking to leave any neighbors in a "rut." Again, others signed the sewer letter; some of which have far more land and influence than my family.

I am on CPAC. There was a blog which was filled primary with college humor and political razzing among old buddies. My opponent took it and ran with it. Nothing is "resurfacing". We are just tired of the noise. People
typically live on acreage for the peace and quiet it provides. Since that was robbed from us, both the BOE and council left us with no choice.

I do care very much for this area even though it is far different that when we arrived. I have: volunteered for the first two round ups, donated equipment to the fire and police, created the feed the heroes program, volunteered at the day of service event at Birmingham park, adopted Bethany Road, played Santa Claus, founding member of the Milton Business Alliance, CPAC member, started the Milton Farmer's market with my wife Ginger...just to name a few. I did all this to make my hometown the very best it can be. Curious as to what you have done...

To ask for equal treatment, to ask for peace and quiet, to ask for what my family paid for 33 years ago isn't asking alot. Our requests are not threats; they are simply tired pleas and the very difficult decision to possibly
cut ties with a property that we love deeply and have lived many lives on.

Instead of assuming, maybe you and others can work with us to rectify this situation.

I encourage you to come over for a visit. We would be happy to show you around.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how you would be preserving Milton's rural character
and everyone else's desire for "a simple quiet life and get away from the noise and rush of ..." by getting sewer to you and your patents property?

Makes you a bulldozer buddy of Lusk, Thurman, Longoria and Lockwood

Anonymous said...

What kind of influence do others have on Bethany Rd., that signed the sewer letter are you talking about? And by the way I got a copy of that request from City Hall and it seems that maybe the corner property owner was not on that signature list. So what does that mean? Did they not want to sign that request? Does that put a bump in the road.

Also how can you include your parents house in that request? It seemed by the map that there was a house in between you and your parents house and their name was not on that list either. Where exactly does the request end? At your property line or your parents property line?

Anonymous said...

Know so much about Rhonda....easy, she runs her mouth to anyone in this town who will listen, whether she knows what she's talking about or not, you know, gossiper. She's gossiped to me, at a party, and I had never even met her before.

Anonymous said...

When did Lockwood officially switch to the sewer team, vs. the non-sewer team? Last election?, to keep his seat as Mayor? funny, I remember him campaigning on his tractor a few years back promising to keep sewer out and preserve Milton from development. What made you give in Joe? Please tell us. It would be nice for some candid honesty in this town for once.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor is against extending sewer on Bethany. It was voted down by the Mayor and Councilman Burt Hewitt, so I don't know where you are getting your info from, because it is public record.

Also Rhonda has nothing to do with Land Lot 1059. She probably does not know that this is even being talked about. Once again you are way out on left base here.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is voting against the actual true "extending " sewer, not the hogwash that Julie and her 5 clowns profess as "extending" sewer.

Anonymous said...

I assume by the 5 clowns you are talking about the City Council who in 2006 stated very clearly that the Fulton County Sewer map was wrong and had additional properties gaining access to sewer that were never promised sewer. Now 4 years later saying "never mind" Fulton county you were right is a huge waste of taxpayers $$$$

Anonymous said...

I think the 5 clowns are Carol Lane, Kim Horne, Jon McFail, kurt Nolte and that other guy who sent the letter.

Anonymous said...

Those 5 didn't change their minds. They have always have been and always will be anti-sewer. It's members of the council that have changed their position.

Anonymous said...

No those 5 just follow Julie and dont have a realistic clue about things. Be glad it is only Julie and those 5 left. Her other followers figured it out.

Anonymous said...

It's not the sewer that is an issue for most - it is density. We need to be careful, and not blindly believe that sewer is the answer to our density issues.
The reality is that while sewer may "help" keep density in check, the real issue is our zoning ordinances. Without proper ordinances, sewer is a false shield that will eventually fail to deliver.
Of course, there could be people out there who really think that sewer is evil. Scary to think about, but I guess it's possible.

Anonymous said...

11:06 pm
Please tell me you don't really believe zoning will keep density in check! Pleeeeeease I thought you were a lot smarter than that!

Bottom line is the council did a 180 on the sewer map and did not give the Milton voters the information before the meeting/vote and now we have 150 acres with sewer that the council, back in 2006, said should not have sewers. Real transparent

Anonymous said...

Councl can make any decision they feel is the right thing to do.That is what their job as an elected official is. Have you ever changed your mind in your line of work when you get more facts and information? If you don't like it vote for someone else next time.

Anonymous said...

If Thurman wants to be entertained she should go to Tennessee's Attorney General's website and read the court documents and rulings on her loan company.

Anonymous said...

Everyone can change their mind but remember these are elected officials and should not make decisions in a vacuum. In this case they went out of their way to keep information from the public so it would a quieter vote.

Anonymous said...

Tim: Are you the Duke of Germany?