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Letter To The Editor.

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The following letter is from Milton Parent Kathy Johnson in response to an article written earlier this month by titled "Questions Fly Regarding Alternative Energies Class Taught At Birmingham Falls Elementary."


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to set the record straight on issues associated with my role and involvement with the environmental education program at Birmingham Falls, as well as my intentions during the May 18 community meeting held by Katie Reeves.

This is the first time I have commented on this story. Tim Enloe did leave me an e-mail asking for commentary prior to posting his article. I attempted to contact him twice before departing for a family vacation out of the country a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, we did not connect before I left and Tim decided to proceed with posting the article. A number of comments posted in response to that article contain what in my opinion are some significant inaccuracies and misconceptions about my conduct and the environmental program, as well as some broader issues of concern that I hope I can clear up in this letter.

During the recently ended school year, I worked with many people to develop and deliver three separate environmentally oriented lessons. One was on storm water drains and the water cycle. The second was on aquifers.

These first two lessons were delivered to different grade levels in the same month earlier in the school year. They were not delivered to students until they had been reviewed and approved by the school’s CST and the Principal. After approval, I and approximately 35 other parent volunteers delivered the lessons in class rooms with teachers present. Lisa Cauley, a Birmingham Falls parent and locally active community member, was one of the parent volunteers who taught the storm water and water cycle lesson.

These first two lessons proceeded without any controversy that I am aware of. In fact, there was substantial praise from parents, students and teachers for the quality and content of the lessons.

The third proposed lesson was on alternative energy and climate change. I was interested in delivering this lesson because I believed that students would benefit from an introduction to these topical issues. I also found in my research that these topics are currently being taught in many school systems across the nation.

I followed the same review and approval process for this lesson as I did with the earlier lessons. I think it is important to note that this process did not and does not include parental review and consent. No supplemental lessons or programs, including science lab, school assemblies, et. al., currently require that kind of prior approval. I also want to be absolutely clear that I would not have had any problem at all with that kind of review, and would have happily done so if the Principal (Tracy Trussell) had asked me to do so. I certainly wasn't attempting to hide anything from anyone. I was just following the process that was laid out for me.

The CST and Principal approved the third set of lessons on alternative energy and climate change. I then sent an e-mail to the group of 35 parent volunteers with the title of the lesson so that they could begin to work with teachers for scheduling classroom delivery. The lesson plan was going to be sent to these volunteers prior to delivery, as we did with the first two lessons.

It was at that point that Ms. Cauley noted the title of the topic and raised her concerns. She wrote me an e-mail saying that she may have a problem with the topic. However, within 24 hours of sending the e-mail to me and before I even saw it in my inbox, Ms. Cauley emailed Cindy Loe and the entire school board (including the superintendent’ s office) to voice her concerns directly to them. She also did not contact the Principal prior to sending her note to the school board. In a subsequent meeting, Ms. Cauley admitted to both me and the Principal that she "went straight to the top" and bypassed us regarding her concerns with the topic.

I then met with Area Superintendent Bob Lynch to discuss Ms. Cauley's concerns and the actual lessons. Mr. Lynch directed me to review the material with the head science CST for all grades for Fulton County. She suggested I modify the lesson, not due to any subject matter deemed as controversial material, but due to potential issues of grade appropriateness (especially understanding certain scientific concepts in the lower grades). I did so, and she approved the revised lesson.

Despite the modifications to this third lesson, at that point the Principal decided that there was still too much consternation about the lesson from Ms. Cauley and the people that she was lobbying at the school board, in particular Katie Reeves. He directed me to remove any references to climate change, up to and including references to the greenhouse effect. I and the school's CST then worked together to comply with Principal Trussell's instructions.

We then delivered the revised lesson, which dealt solely with energy and alternative energies (including fossil fuels), to grades 2 - 5. This lesson was delivered in a lab format with the assistance of The Science Academy, a fee-based outside after-school program.

There was no concern that I know of expressed by Ms. Cauley or anyone else with the delivery of this lesson to the higher grades. Again, as with earlier lessons and maybe even to a greater degree, there was much praise and appreciation for this lesson and the way it was delivered. Again, to be clear, this lesson did not address the topics of climate change or global warming in any way.

This lesson was too academically advanced to present to the lower grades. So the CST and I revised the alternative energies lesson for those grades. These revised lessons were also approved by the school’s CST and the Principal. Upon my recommendation, we also took the extra and unprecedented step to send the lessons (a two to three page document) to Ms. Cauley prior to sending it to other parent volunteers and prior to classroom delivery.

Ms. Cauley complained to Principal Trussell and Katie Reeves that she was not given a full week to review the material prior to scheduled classroom delivery. Principal Trussell then informed me that he was told to cancel the lesson. He informed me of the cancellation one hour prior to classroom delivery during the final week of the school year.

I must emphasize that Principal Trussell strongly implied that he was instructed to cancel the lessons by his superiors. I assumed, based on much prior involvement by Katie Reeves in this matter, that he was including Ms. Reeves in this group who directed the lessons to be cancelled.

That is everything I can tell anyone about the chronology of the green lessons during the just completed school year at BFES. From this point, I will relate how the circumstances behind the cancellation of the last lesson snowballed into a larger issue that is still ongoing.

Right after the last lesson was cancelled, I learned that there was a discussion during the May 11 school board meeting about amending the “Controversial Material” policy to include reference to "widely disputed scientific theories," a phrase which was specifically mentioned by Ms. Cauley during the same earlier meeting when she told me she was going "straight to the top" and "bypassing the chain of command."

This is when I became greatly concerned not just about the fate of the environmental lessons I had worked to deliver, but that that despite the extensive review and approval of the lessons from all levels of the system the opinions expressed by Ms. Cauley about these lessons were going to be written into county wide school board policy.

It is for that reason that I chose to question and confront Ms. Reeves at her community meeting on May 18. Obviously, with the environmental lessons I had developed so intertwined with this broader issue, I questioned Ms. Reeves about them as well. And, yes, I accused Ms. Reeves of cancelling the lessons (again, based primarily on the strong implications made by Principal Trussell and Ms. Reeves’ level of involvement with this issue prior to this time), a charge she vehemently denied.

After the meeting, I told Ms. Reeves that if I had incorrectly blamed her for the cancellation that I was sorry. Based on Ms. Reeves’ strong denial, I still do not know for certain who actually cancelled the final lessons.

For those of you who have suggested that I was too angry or animated at that meeting…sorry. But I had strictly adhered to the official and proper channels prescribed to me by the school’s principal and CST, as well as other higher ranking and county level school board members and educators. I made modifications when requested to do so and every lesson I delivered was approved by them, contributing in excess of 500 volunteer hours this past school year across the process. Then I saw all of that work and collaboration, which was met with almost unanimous praise and appreciation from students and teachers at the school, unilaterally upended based upon the concern of a single parent who had chosen to completely bypass me, the Principal and this same established process. Who wouldn’t be just a little mad?

Again, to be clear, I had concerns with two issues on her meeting agenda (the Controversial Material issue and the Volunteer issue) and I went, as a parent (as is my right or any parent’s right) to question these policies. I have seen many parents and community members talk at these meetings and express their opinions on policy. This is why, I believe, that Ms. Reeves has the meetings…so she can hear from parents themselves. So to anyone who is questioning my motives or rights in questioning Ms. Reeves at the meeting, I would say that you don’t have the right to complain and don’t understand why the meeting exists in the first place. If you don’t agree with my opinions, that’s fine. But I have every right, as well as a proper forum, to express them publically and directly. That’s what I did.

I have been accused on the Access Milton blog of enlisting sympathetic supporters to come that same meeting and attack Ms. Reeves. Not true. I was contacted by two concerned and like-minded parents who did attend but there was no conspiracy against Katie Reeves. The PTA members present were there to discuss and comment on the volunteer issue which substantially changes or removes the current volunteer policy. These PTA members regularly attend these Katie Reeves meetings. They did not attend based on any invitation from me or concern about the green lessons or the "controversial materials" policy I was there to discuss.

Which brings me to a set of final points…at least, for now. A number of people have suggested on the Access Milton blog that I am wrong to question Ms. Cauley's motives or tactics in opposing the third lesson, and mean-spirited in removing her from the volunteer program. I fully respect Ms. Cauley’s right to express her opinion and make her voice heard. I just think that she did not show the same respect to me in the process. When it became clear that we were not going to work together on the environmental program, and that Ms. Cauley was going attempt to dictate the content of the lessons by circumventing the process, I removed her from the volunteer program. If she had simply met with me to discuss her concerns prior to escalating her complaints to the entire school board, we may have been able to avoid a lot of grief for many people. But she didn’t. She made her call; I made mine.

Beyond that, some people have ridiculed the notion that Ms. Cauley or any single parent could use their relationships with school board members to strongly influence policy. I don’t know about any parent, but I will tell you Ms. Cauley has and is using her relationship with Ms. Reeves in particular to rewrite county wide policy. This statement is not based on conjecture. I have requested and received copies of numerous emails and draft documents on this matter from the Fulton County superintendent's office that corroborate my position. Many of these e-mails are between Reeves and Cauley regarding the specific topics discussed in this letter, including one that Reeves sent to Cauley during the middle of the May 11 school board meeting to get her opinion on proposed language in the revised "Controversial Material" policy. Other e-mails further confirm the uniquely personal and collaborative nature of Ms. Cauley’s relationship with Ms. Reeves.

In addition, Ms. Cauley has requested that the school board require parental review and consent for all outside materials presented to students. This wording is now in the proposed policy which was scheduled to be voted on during a June 14 meeting.

As I stated earlier, I have no problem with prior review and consent by parents for the materials I developed and presented this past year. I would have happily given it had I been required or asked to do so. However, as in my experience, I believe that Ms. Cauley is less interested in review and consent for all than she is in establishing herself as a final authority on any matter she chooses to weigh in on. I respect her passion. I do not care for her tactics or her presumption to “deserve” the final say.

Again, I have no problem with Ms. Cauley expressing her opinions on any of these topics. She has every right to do so. I also have no problem with her expressing an opinion in opposition to mine. I am perfectly comfortable supporting and defending my case to her or anyone else.

I do have, however, a large problem with any school board member or parent who doesn’t respect established chains of command, ignores or circumvents existing county school board-prescribed processes for developing, approving and delivering supplemental materials and conducts closed conversations regarding written policies that are not open to all concerned. My problem with this kind of conduct multiplies exponentially when these same people suggest that I have a damaging, ulterior agenda or desire to keep matters out of the public forum. Those charges are both false and hypocritical.

I believe the details I have laid out in this letter underscore the validity of my complaint. Even more, I hope they let anyone who reads this know that they can trust me to be open, candid and honest about anything we might work on together in the future.

I appreciate Tim Enloe for inviting me to send this letter and give my side of the story. Bridges have been burnt and feelings hurt on all sides throughout this process. That’s going to happen sometimes in life. But hopefully, for the sake of both personal and civic pride for everyone involved, the ties that bind us as parents, neighbors and citizens of Milton are resilient enough see us past our differences and allow us all to move forward with respect and civility.

- Kathy Johnson, Birmingham Falls parent and volunteer.


Anonymous said...

is this lady related to Julie Bailey? Coudn't tell by the lenght?

Anonymous said...

Gutsy letter. Give her credit.

She laids it out there in a very even keeled, factual and somewhat humber way. I think she makes some very good points.

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg!!

Anonymous said...

Parents do not need to be teaching anything in the schools. Go get a real job and find something to do. Let the real teachers teach and do their job. You do not need to take up students time with ArtED, Science labs, or Environmental liberal speech. Let the teachers have that extra hour a day for teaching math and language arts. If you think you are qualified to teach, then go get a teaching degree and become a real teacher.

Anonymous said...

Oh 5:19 how I take issue with your comment. You either are oblivious to the school budget issue and staff cuts or you just have issue with politics. Politics doesn't belong in our elementary schools. Period. You might want to consider private school.

Anonymous said...

Again, go get a real paying job. What you think you have to say is not important and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

6:15AM you forgot to add, SALT OF THE EARTH.

Anonymous said...

Strong, intelligent women are always referred to as the B-word when they get things done, and completely intimidate others.

Take that as a compliment.

Thank you for what you did to expose this mess. The Principal needs to be reprimanded for letting this go on in the first place.
To the insulter at 6:15, post your name and let's see what names we come up for you?

So much anger for something that needed to happen years ago with this policy. Think about why the bloggers who make nasty comments, and who want this class taught by volunteers in this school are so angry about it now having to go before the BOE now??


Anonymous said...

Johnson is one of Bailey's Milton Goes Green groupies. We all know how liberal most of the MGG members are. I do know two members that are level headed thinkers, the rest, drinkin the koolaid!

Anonymous said...

Some women get things done because they are strong and intelligent.

Other women get things done because they have buckets of money and are willing to use that money to hire lawyers and threaten the FCBOE with extended litigation unless they get what they want.

We've seen this before.

Anonymous said...

The cut backs in budget are exactly why, the amount of time spent with our kids should be with certified teachers employed by the county First and Foremost, not a volunteer mom who is bent on climate change. Learning the academics is top priority, then supplementals.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Johnson is the only one dilly dallying with open records with the BOE.

The BOE has deeper pockets then anyone in this town, don't think they are intimidated by anyone or any group.

Here we go again igore the real issue at hand with having transparency in the new policy. Ohh what a bad thing to have. Yeah, if you are a liberal.

Anonymous said...

I doubt any money was spent on this issue by anyone, other then Johnson's open records for emails. Silly.

All parents have the opportunity to give input in all policies. Katie Reeves asked all of the people who attended the meeting that Johnson interrupted to send in their comments to shape the volunteer and controversial material policies. So Reeves reached out to all parents in that meeting to give input. Did Johnson conact Katie after the meeting or send her an email with input on the policy?? If not, then don't complain about it. Everyone had ample time and opportunity to contact Reeves or any of the BOE members with input on these policies.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should call in Al, Hanging Chad, Gore and let him straighten out these people.

By the way, where does the MOM stand on this issue?

Anonymous said...

5:19. That sounds good on paper, but our schools need volunteers and their are numerous parents that volunteer at every school in the country. I have on many occasions volunteered with Junior Achievement and I can say that they are all very rewarding experiences and very good lesson plans for the students.

You sound pretty sour, but give this lady the credit she's earned by wanting to help the school and the students and the success she had with the first two programs. Can you only imagine how proud she was of her accomplishment only to be dragged into this Milton quagmire for the third lesson? Like I said in my 3:40 post above, no matter how you may feel about her original lesson plan, give her all the credit for being a leader, a community volunteer and for having the guts to respond publicly.

By the way, I am a conservative Republican and I don't really want climate change theory taught in our schools, but I applaud this lady for volunteering and publicly responding.

She asks a very fair question, How does Ms. Cauley get to override the procedures and policies in place and somehow become more powerful than the Principal, the Board and others in the procedural chain of command?

You do not have to agree with her lesson plan. That's really not the issue here. You need to be concerned by the personal politics, the usurping of the process and the disregard for civility.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous!! I don't want parent volunteers teaching supplemental material to my kids. PTA should be raising money and planning special events.

Anonymous said...

Who are you? You're Nuts.

Anonymous said...

To the 12:31 poster - You should really get your facts straight. You said "How does Ms. Cauley get to override the procedures and policies in place and somehow become more powerful than the Principal, the Board and others in the procedural chain of command? " She didn't get to override anything!!!!! Look at the FACTS, and the dates of those FACTS. This policy change was put into motion before this fiasco, and Katie Reeves in her meeting at NMS asked for input from everyone there so she could present it at the board meeting! Did Johnson's or any of her backers submit anything to Katie right after the meeting???? Mrs. Cauley did, because she felt policy needed to be clarified. After Fulton County policy, the principal of the school has final say on what goes on at his/her school. The BFE Principal shouldn't be playing both sides (and he is shmoozing & consoling both!). He is trying to make himself look like the good guy and it has backfired into this storm. Way to go Mr. Principal.

Anonymous said...

To the 12:31 poster - You should really get your facts straight. You said "How does Ms. Cauley get to override the procedures and policies in place and somehow become more powerful than the Principal, the Board and others in the procedural chain of command? " She didn't get to override anything!!!!! Look at the FACTS, and the dates of those FACTS. This policy change was put into motion before this fiasco, and Katie Reeves in her meeting at NMS asked for input from everyone there so she could present it at the board meeting! Did Johnson's or any of her backers submit anything to Katie right after the meeting???? Mrs. Cauley did, because she felt policy needed to be clarified. After Fulton County policy, the principal of the school has final say on what goes on at his/her school. The BFE Principal shouldn't be playing both sides (and he is shmoozing & consoling both!). He is trying to make himself look like the good guy and it has backfired into this storm. Way to go Mr. Principal.

Anonymous said...

She can continue the supplemental material on the environment in this school, just stay away from the controversial parts of the environnment, ie. climate change and global warming. Whether you agree or not with Al Gore's and Ms. Johnson's theories or concepts, it is extremely controversial, and has no place in an elementary school level let alone instructed by volunteer mom's. No one is saying that the other classes weren't good and educational, this particular topic of issue is controversial and the Principal of this school should have the discernment to stop any controversial material from anyone to get to our children. Shame on him.

Anonymous said...

The thing that this parent did that is powerful, is stand up and let her concerns and voice be heard. Many of us feel the same way she does, but don't have the time or the confidence to do what she did, which is look out for her children, and as a result, my rights and for my children as well. You can get all in a tizzy over how she went about it, and criticize her for being successful in life, but the issue is the policy. You all just can't get past that, and want to shoot the messenger. We need more mom's to come forward and get involved and speak out. As far as Ms. Johnson, she is doing a good thing at this school, she just crossed the line, with taking her passion for the environment too far in wanting to teach the kids about what she feels is a proven science, those are her views, but not that of the populace. Both women have done good things here. But when what you are doing is affecting the entire school and is controversial, someone needed to put the brakes on, and apparently Trussell doess't have brakes on his tricycle, nor does he know hoow to steer it.

Anonymous said...

Cauley didn't override anything. Since you have so much time on your hands go watch all the previous BOE Board meetings on their website, they are there for your viewing pleasure, then you will see how this came about. And frankly it isn't important how the policy was improved upon, just glad that it did. Seems envy is blocking objectivity of some bloggers when it comes to this parent.

Anonymous said...

Johnson dragged herself into this quagmire, by trying to teach a class that encompassed her personal views and passion on this topic in this school, on our kids, without us knowing about it. She decided to teach this topic, she chose to go down this path, and you cannot point the finger at the parent who discovered something was amiss. At what point do people ever start taking responsiblity for their own actions and decisions in life. What happens to you is a direct result of what you do and what you chose to do, not the gal sitting next to you.

Anonymous said...

There was an unfavorable post about Cauley @ 6:15AM, which apparently has been deleted by a B A and no mention of such removal been made.

Does Tim have too much on his plate or what?

Anonymous said...

2:31... So are you saying then that if a teacher or volunteer has a particular "personal" belief then they don't belong in our schools teaching our kids? Are you saying, without transparently saying, that our kids should only be taught by the kind of people with YOUR kind of personal beliefs? Exactly WHAT do you think is the best kind of person to teach our kids? I can probably guess but just for the heck of it, why don't you shed some light for ALL of us. All 25,000 Milton residents need to know.

Anonymous said...

What should be instructed to our kids in public schools is Georgia Curriculum approved and presented by the Georgia Department of Education. And yes no parent, volunteer, or mom, should teach a personal controversial belief as supplemental material. This is not high school addressing theories, this is elementary school, where all influences make a lasting impression. If you wish to take attitude for agreeing that PTA volunteer moms shouldn't teach controversial topics to the kids then go ahead. Teachers should teach curriculum as laid out by the GDE. They are not hired by the schools to teach their personal opinion, they can have one, they just need to check it at the door and stick to the curriculum. Again, not talking about high school theory or debate which at the high school age, they can decide for themselves what is right and wrong, and what to believe in or not.

Anonymous said...

Kids should be taught curriculum by teachers, not anyone's opinion, not yours, not mine, no ones, not this side, not that side, etc.

And no one said teachers who have opinions shouldn't teach in schools, stick to curriculum. Why doesn't Johnson just go become a teacher, she has the time for it for goodness sakes.

I still can't get past the people on this blog who don't want transparency for all materials, curriculum and supplemental, why, what is the problem with transparency?? you must not want it for a reason, and the continuation of complaints against the new policy is just driving that point home.

Anonymous said...

I think any parent should be able to teach whatever they want to all the kids in any school, controversial or not. And most of the parents will not know about it either, that is, until after, in a flyer home. Don't you think that's a good idea?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when transparency is promised, it turns out to be as clear as muddy water.

Anonymous said...

Who said they don't want transparency?

Even Johnson said more in her letter more than once she has no objection to prior parental review, but she wasn't asked to provide it. She also says she got broad internal review and approval for all the classes, even the ones that got cancelled. And then she wrote the longest letter I've ever read on Access Milton to try and tell her side of the story to anyone interested in hearing it. That seems pretty transparent to me.

I get the stance taken here by volunteer instruction of anything. Is there is a precedent for that kind of approach anywhere in America? Even in private schools? If there is, please point it out. If not, what is the basis for piloting it here in Milton? I understand that Cauley and some others may want that, but is that really what most people want? How does Cauley or anyone else know that's what most people want? Is there a study or a vote or a forum of some kind (other than the Reeves meeting) that says, "that's what we want?" Not trying to rankle anyone, just asking questions.

Anonymous said...

4:58 - Your questions are childish and ignorant! Hopefully you are not a parent!

Anonymous said...

5:09, that is your opinion and you know what they say....opinions are like rectums, most people have one.

Anonymous said...

5:09, thanks for your cartoonishly hysterical non-response.

I asked for examples to support your point on school volunteers. Here is one to support mine...from the Fulton County school board website.

"The School System defines a volunteer as an unpaid person who works in the school under the direction of the school principal and who offers special skills and services as needed, to support and implement the school program.

Volunteers are divided into two categories:
1. Regular school volunteers who give time on a regular basis in the school, and
2. Community resource volunteers who may come to the school on request to make a special contribution.

Volunteers may work with teachers in the classroom, cafeteria managers, help with office duties, assist teachers with clerical duties, work in the school clinic, help in the library, or assist in many other specialized areas of the school program.

Local school principals are charged by the Board of Education with responsibility to develop programs which utilize the services of volunteers to strengthen the curricular offerings of the school and to bring into force the full impact of the talents of citizens."

Or...y'know...what you said.

Enjoy your evening glass of bile! It hear it goes down nicely after a long, hot day of hate!

Anonymous said...

Cauley asked Johnson to see the material in an email and in person when they met at the school to supposedly discuss the environmental program, and she refused the request. The Principal had to give it to Cauley a few days later. This is not hearsay, it is fact. Go ask the Principal if you don't believe it. He has all the answers.

Anonymous said...

The stance here is NO volunteer instruction of controversial materials. quit trying to make it something it's not. No one is saying no to volunteers, and no to supplemental materials. And no one is saying cancel the environmental program at this school either. No volunteers need to teach anything controversial, that's it in a nut shell. No one is trying to stop the volunteer program or supplemental programs! Gee wiz, get it already, it's easy to understand!

GNR said...

I would think that what is or isn't controversial can be a matter of opinion.

Some honestly don't see something as controversial while others are so wrapped up in their belief that they may not see the controversy.

Bottom line is, no one parent should be able to shape policy, and no one parent would be able to if more parents were involved.

You don't have to like Lisa Cauley, and yes, I have a major issue with her after the whole D'Aversa ethics hearing, but at least give her a little respect for standing up and defending her beliefs and for taking an active interest in what goes on at her child's school.

Same goes to Mrs. Johnson, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

Anonymous said...

Solution to this mess:
Cauley get over yourself.
Johnson get over yourself.

This goes for all others who feel their superior self importance.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love it when the Kool Aid drinkers start going at each other!

Anonymous said...

838 poster is a coward regardless of which side you're on.

Anonymous said...

All yall are ignorant cowards

Anonymous said...

Please tell me this issue is not why Mr. Trussell is no longer at Birmingham Falls. If this issue was the cause, we should all from any snooty attitudes and overbearing sense of needing to run this school of excellence beyond the normal process.

I applaud any parent who works so hard to volunteer at the school - I myself have volunteered occasionally, though work full-time. I am sure there are some things being taught that don't line up with my own political, fiscal, philosophical and social views, but the beauty of raising kids is that parents should be involved in teaching children. All kids will be exposed to a variety of views in life - have you turned on the TV lately or opened the AJC? It is the parent's responsibility to provide their own sense of wisdom and knowledge sharing gained throughout their life so they can help their children come up with their own views.

Please tell me this embarassing banter around additional curriculum/enrichment at BF is not why we no longer have Mr. Trussell at the school. That would truly be scary - much more scary than a theory on global warming (which by the way, I don't subscribe to).

Anonymous said...

Reeves stays as BOE member for too long. It is time for her to go just like Trussell.