Friday, June 04, 2010

Police Academy Provides Insight Into the K9 Unit.

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MILTON - The second annual Milton Citizen Police Academy has helped provide local residents some insight into what being a Milton Police Officer is all about.

From fatal wreck re-inactments to crime investigations to the K9 unit, the education has been vast and indepth.

This past week, Milton Police Officer Brian Kiel and K9 Police Dog De Silva showed that hours and hours of training can truly pay off. Thankfully, the "criminal" that De Silva is in pursuit of above is none other than Milton Police Officer Keenan Grey.

Many thanks to the wonderful Milton Police Officers who put their lives on the line every day and work long hours to keep citizens safe.


Anonymous said...

You know what Tim, I'm glad you posted that video. Pretty interesting actually. Your choice of music was interesting too. Who was that anyway? Joe Satriani? Well, you captured my heart with Da Silva. Amazing those "Man's Best Friends", aren't they.. Great dog, that Da Silva. (Great name too :)

-Patti Silva

P.S. I have to say, although you are so OCD on the cop thing, it's really a Good Thing. We get a glimpse into their lives on a personal level or however you explain it. They pretty much get a bad rap with that ticket thing tho I've been Verrrry lucky. I hope people see this "sweeter" side to what our Police do everyday. Those Firemen tho, they always get the kudos from the general population, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, that was Eric Johnson wasn't it? Next time It would be great to edit with Officer Keil's commands spliced in there.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, is that a cell tower in the background. This may upset Norvell and her crowd.