Friday, June 18, 2010

Studio One to One launches in home personal training service.

Are you wondering how you are going to fit exercise in this summer with the kids at home?

Enter Studio One to One’s In Home Training solution! We searched high and low for a qualified, enthusiastic, results-driven trainer who can come to your home and get the job done with you this Summer!

Meet Kate McDermott.

Kate is a personal trainer certified by the International Sport and Sciences Association (ISSA) and a graduate from the University of Connecticut. Her strengths include energizing female clients by sharing their goals, knowing their capabilities, not under estimating their potential and creating enjoyable, yet safe fitness programs tailored to their needs. She works mostly with women post pregnancy and is known for her unique and always changing workouts. Kate is a mother of two and knows the areas women want to work on and how to get back to feeling and looking your best! She is available at your home and is a good multitasker if little ones are on hand during work outsessions.

Have you tried in-home trainers before but felt they couldn’t offer you the “whole package” in terms of covering nutrition in addition to exercise? Well then this is the opportunity for you! All of our in-home programs will include an initial physio-graph (body composition analysis), meal plan, Calorie King subscription, and ongoing physio-graphs in the studio every four weeks.

Our in-home rates are exactly the same as our super reasonable studio rates, so this is what I call a no brainer! Kate will come to you,give you a fat-blasting workout, all while your kids play comfortably in their own home. Time to dust off whatever fitness equipment you have at home (and guess what? you don’t need much!) and put it good use. Call us right now at (678) 367-3619 to take advantage of this offer.

You'll get all of the convenience, all of the accountability of a trainer, all of the body transforming RESULTS, all in your very own home while the kids play nearby.

Elaina Smith
Studio One to One


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