Monday, June 07, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow? Vol 2: Squash Bugs!

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By Tim Enloe;

MILTON - As gardens around the city start to produce everything from tomatoes to watermelon, the garden pests are gearing up for a feast as well.

On this issue of "How Does Your Garden Grow?", we will focus our attention on the infamous squash bug and how he goes about his dasterdly deeds. Squash bugs are notorious for attacking any type of vine related crop, from squash (imagine that) to pumpkins to cucumbers.

Many supposed pesticide free remedies to fight this invader can be found online; but the truth is there is no saving grace with exception of keeping a constant vigil and eye on your plants and removing the pests and eggs by hand.

By staying one step ahead, you will no doubt have plenty of squash when harvest time comes.

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Anonymous said...

the whole time I was waiting for the bugger to get away....