Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Poll Up.


We have a new poll up.

It asks:

"Does the City of Milton violate citizens private property rights?"

Have your say in the upper right.

The previous poll asked:

"Who Would You Vote For If 2011's Council Election Took Place Now? (District 6)"


District 6: Alan Tart 19% / 10 votes.
District 6: Another Candidate 81% / 43 votes.


Anonymous said...

This poll doesn't make any sense. You need to put it into better context and give specific examples of City actions that brings to question whether the City violates the rights of property owners.

Tim: You're better than this and your off the chart behavior of the past few weeks.

GNR said...

Weeks? I've only lived the area about 4 years and have rarely heard any mention of him being sane.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 6:10 poster. Make it clearer. I know you have an agenda here and you are fishing for something. I agree you are off the chart with your behavior.

Anonymous said...

These comments are exactly whats wrong with the country today.
They are attempts to quell the individual because they do not conform to your liking or your agenda.

While I may not always agree with Tim it takes brass b@lls to put himself and his opinions out there. I applaud him for being his own man.

A closet individual

Tim Enloe said...


This poll was pulled from the editorial by Bob Strader.

In the future, we are more than happy to allow readers to provide suggestions for future polls.

Please email them to us at

As far as my sanity, if you take a look at my stances, they all boil down to a simple ideology.

1. Objectivity.
2. Equal treatment.
3. Property rights.

I would be shocked if you didn't find my editorials / comments that didn't fall within these guidelines.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552