Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Candidate Neal O'Brien's Campaign Site Is Back Up.


As you know, we received inquires early this month regarding Candidate Neal O'brien's website being inaccessible. Thanks to residents, we have now gotten word that the site is once again active.

It was also relayed that there have been no changes to the content on his site from last year's campaign season. While we are unsure of this claim, you can preview the site here->

- AM Staff.


Anonymous said...

He can't use the old one again, as it makes statements of "what he is going to do", instead of what he hasn't done.

Do you think Mr. Chatham, or best buddy John McMillian will let him state "I will put a moratorium on any zoning requests until the CLUP is updated"?

Anonymous said...

Key word is "UNTIL", then the horses will run out of the gate!