Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Making Milton Different: Our Equestrian Flavor.

Over the course of the next few months, will be profiling the various aspects of the equestrian world. As most know, Milton, Georgia is home to quite a few horses and their respective folk. The city even went so far as to incorporate a horse within the city seal and logo.

The staff at are advocates of this wonderful part of our city and would like to encourage residents to learn more. With such fine facilities as ARH Farms and The Farm At Pamelot at our back door, very few can be so lucky. So start a new chapter in your life by experiencing the wonderment of these incredible animals today!

- Tim Enloe; Co-Founder; Magnolia Media, LLC

The Arabian horse was originally found in a desert-like environment. This flat-kneed, hot-blooded mammal stands between 14.2 and 15 horse hands tall. This animal has a beautiful mane of fine silky hair, as is the tail. The hooves are hard and well formed, also the hooves are well protected from diseases. This beautiful horse is a solid color. The Arabian horse has rounded ribs, that are short and strong, and a slightly concave back. The Arabian horse also has one less vertebrae than other horses which gives them a deep chest cavity and allows for great endurance. The Arabian horse's shoulders slightly slope more down than some other breeds. This horse is usually bred in the Arabian Peninsula (Middle East). The Arabian horse has been an influence to many different breeds of horses, although it does not have any influences itself. The Arabian horse is an amazing creature.

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