Sunday, September 23, 2007

Making Milton Different: Our Equestrian Flavor.

The staff at are advocates of this wonderful part of our city and would like to encourage residents to learn more. With such fine facilities as ARH Farms and The Farm At Pamelot at our back door, very few can be so lucky. So start a new chapter in your life by experiencing the wonderment of these incredible animals today!

Don horses have a been around since the eighteenth century. They stand at about 15.3 horse hands. They might seem weak, but are really strong. This warm blooded animal has a chestnut brown coat and is from Northern Eurasia, or Russia Federation. The Don horse is able to live in frozen areas. This fabulous creature has short and straight shoulders, thus making their strides shorter. This animal has fairly short hair. The horse have a very interesting body structure.

The Don horse has four influences. An influence is a trait that comes from another breed of horse. The breeds that influence the Don horse are the Karabakh, Akhal-Teke, Thoroughbred, and the Arabian. The Karabakh gives the Don improvement on speed, action, and ability to move gracefully. The Akhal-Teke contributes overall ability, endurance, and ability to run miles and miles without becoming too tired. The Thoroughbred passes on performance, conformation, and size. The Arabian gives more and better quality, physically sturdy or healthy, and great temperament. These horses make the Don horse a great one.

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