Tuesday, September 18, 2007

District 6 Candidate Alan Tart Kicks Off Campaign

The Alan Tart for Milton Campaign Kickoff was held on September 16, 2007 at the Avensong clubhouse. According to Tart, who is a candidate for Milton City Council from District 6, the kickoff was a great success. “I was pleased with the enthusiasm of those that attended. The campaign team is energized to run what will certainly become a campaign and referendum of, for, and on behalf of the people.” City Council members in attendance included Mayor Joe Lockwood, Mayor Pro Tem Karen Thurman (District 1), Julie Zahner Bailey (District 2), Bill Lusk (District 3), and Tina D’Aversa (District 5).
To find out more about District 6 Candidate Alan Tart and his vision for Milton click here->
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Anonymous said...

I hope the council wasn't all there at the same time, wouldn't that be a quorum? Or is this okay being it the weekend? Does anyone know the rule on that?

Regardless, great to see that Bill Lusk and Karen Thurman showed up to support Alan Tart for City Council along with Joe Lockwood, Williams and Bailey. Maybe the Council can be together on some things afterall! Like to hear that!

Michelle C. - Optimistic in Milton

Anonymous said...

I am glad that at least 4 of our council persons and the mayor are supporting Alan, as we really need him on the council so that our area can be represented.

It appears that they are starting to come together and work towards a positive future for the city of Milton.

Thank you so much Milton council and Mayor for all that you have done, and will be doing in the future, and for supporting Alan Tart.

A happy Avensong resident

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Thurman and Lusk were there to support Alan. Probably more like an intelligence gathering mission. I wouldn't believe these two if they publicly stated their support.

Anonymous said...

You don't think these two, Lusk and Thurman, were being sneaky or unethical? Do you?

Maybe you are right and they were on an "intelligence gathering mission" and trying to get some and bring it back to O'Brien?

Anonymous said...

Odds are that info will be shared with JJ, Mohrig and O'Brien, in that order. Even if JJ was present these two(Thurman and Lusk) will still give their input.

Nothing sweeps cleaner than a new broom.......time to start sweeping.

Anonymous said...

If you read the current Milton Beacon, you see Karen Thurman and Bill Lusk quoted that "they do not support Alan Tart after learning about his positions on the city of Milton". Wow, research what Alan's vision and positions are for MIlton, and it will scare you about having Karen and Bill involved in our city!

Anonymous said...

Just as predicted, the Vermon and Combover Boy don't support Alan. What did you expect....after all both are members of the "infamous four" the puppets for JJ aka the "HIGH SHERIFF" and "MOTHER of MILTON".

Notice where the MOTHER does not endorse candidates, however her drivel about Morerig is nothing more than a back handed slap against Alan. Does she think we are stupid or what?

Don't be surprised when this ruthless bunch, which includes O'Brain, begin their personal attack on Alan.