Friday, September 28, 2007

Johns Creek Home Gets Whiff Of Two Sewage Spills

Readers: Some news from our sister city Johns Creek.

Manhole twice spews sewage into yard.

By DOUG NURSEThe Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionPublished on: 09/27/07

It was the ickiest thing Rebecca Nelson ever had to do. Nelson, wearing gloves to the elbow and throw-away shoes, tiptoed through sewage to pick up the breathtaking nastiness from a manhole that had overflowed in her backyard in Johns Creek.

"It was gross, absolutely," she said. "There was everything that goes in the toilet. My husband had a business meeting that day [at the house]. I didn't want his boss to see that."
It was a major spill, 12,000 gallons, and she picked up a garbage bag's worth of toilet paper, condoms, feminine products and other debris. Fulton County crews spent an entire day clearing the blockage.

Then, in mid-September, it happened again. It was a minor spill, about 5,000 gallons.
"I'm afraid it's going to keep happening whenever it rains," said Morrie Nelson, Rebecca's husband. "When this happens, we can't let the kids in the backyard. I'm afraid it will affect property values."

The Nelsons live in a 5,700-square-foot, three-level brick home with a deck overlooking a small lake. Morrie Nelson estimated the house would appraise at about $580,000.

But their half-acre of paradise has two manholes for a Fulton County sewer pipe. One is on the property line with a neighbor. When it overflows, it dumps directly into the lake. The second is within the fence line. In an overflow, the effluent runs about 20 feet before it hits the water.
Morrie Nelson estimated that since 2001 there have been about six spills on his property.
The Nelsons have complained to city officials and their county commissioner. They've even called the EPA. But Fulton County officials insist the problem is not with the pipes; it's caused by misuse of the sewers. Officials insist the two recent spills are beyond the county's control.
Angela Parker, Fulton County's director of public works, said the first spill was caused when a piece of PVC pipe from who knows where became stuck crossways in the sewage pipe about 800 feet downstream from the Nelsons.

The second was caused by grease, probably from restaurants upstream. The county has counseled the restaurants not to pour grease down the drain.

She said the pipe, which seems to average half to a third full, seems to be of adequate size and free of roots and other obstructions. The Nelsons' manholes sit at a low spot, so when backups occur, they may catch the brunt of it.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to keep sewer out of Milton...

Anonymous said...

If Santi is elected and O'Brien and Mohrig are reelected, we will have a glorius group consisting of these three plus Lusk and Thurman and we can call them the "fabulous five". You just know they would NOT ever, in a million years, allow any sewer in Milton.

If you do not believe me, just ask each one and see how they answer.

Anonymous said...

Have been told this group also has some beach front property in Arizona to sell with a guarantee of "no sewer"!!

Anonymous said...

I get a big whiff of sewage everytime Roger Santi opens his mouth and everytime Doug Nurse writes something...