Sunday, September 30, 2007



By Tim Enloe;

Saturday, September 29, 2007 was no average day in Milton, GA. It was a beautiful day full of celebration, laughter, and comradery as the city celebrated it's first anniversary at the Birmingham United Methodist Church at the Birmingham Crossroads. From horseback riding to the mayor in a dunk tank to bungee jumping; this celebration had it all!

A chili cook off was also in the mix with participants being from the Milton Fire and Police departments. While praise was given all around, Team "Guns and Hoses" took the biggest trophy home.

With over 2700 people in attendance, life long resident Travis Allen who co-chaired the event with Burt Hewitt, was pleased, "It was wonderful to see our community come together for such a wonderful event. I know we couldn't have pulled it off without all of our hard working volunteers including the support of council members Tina D'aversa, Julie Zahner Bailey and City of Milton Project Coordinator Linda Blow. We hope to continue this success in the future!"

Volunteer Ginger Enloe had this to share: " It was impressive to see Burt Hewitt and Travis Allen pull together such a passionate team of volunteers. Obviously, all of their hard work paid off. I also want to thank the Birmingham United Methodist Church for the use of their wonderful property. We could not have done it without their kindness and generosity."

While the event was scheduled to run from 3pm to 8pm, a few residents remained after the late hour. Thanks to sponsors such as Jittery Joes, The Underwood Agency, and Anytime Fitness, no tax payer monies were used.

Here is what some of those residents in attendance had to say:

"The Milton Roundup was terrific! My boys had a blast and enjoyed all the many activities for the kids! The Chili was great and it was nice to see so many people come out from our community! Nice to see our Mayor didn't mind getting dunked in the dunking booth! "

Lisa - Milton

"I want to congratulate everyone on the Milton Round Up planning committee for a job well done! The event had the character and personality deserving of Milton!"

Alan Tart - Milton

"When leaving the Roundup with my son Jake Swiacki 9yrs old, I asked him if he had a good time and he answered in a very energetic voice" ya! I had a blast" then he asked me "will Milton have a Roundup every year"?

- Kim Swiacki - Milton

"It was about 7:45pm and we were waiting on line for the kids to go into the train/bounce house. There was this man who just had the biggest smile on his face. I was looking into the bounce house to see how many kids were in there and the man said "it is so great to see this. The kids made me get out and they said they were taking care of directing the younger kids. It is so nice to see young children taking on responsibility. There is nothing for me to do!!!!" I was a little confused and then I realized - this mas was the owner/vendor of the train bounce house. He then looked at me and said "You just have the greatest little town here. This is incredible". I just said thank you because I did not know what else to say. We know we have something special, but it was so nice to see how amazed an outsider was with what a special place we have. I can't really think of any quotes, but it was just such an awesome day. We knew so many people there (neighbors, people from Church, people from City Hall). I really had an overwhelming sence of "belonging" and that this was my home town. I can't thank everyone involved enough for their efforts. I don't think this could have been any more of a success than it was."

- Tara Chambers - Milton

Volunteers for The 2007 Milton Round Up included but were not limited to:

Burt Hewitt / Co-Chair
Travis Allen / Co-Chair
Tiffany Allen
Tina Diaversa
Julie Bailey
Tim Enloe
Ginger Enloe
Jack Berube
Rachelle Berube
Jan Fowler
Kevin White
Phyillis Davis
Linda Blow
Sandy Jones
Troy Hutchinson
Patricia Stimle
Kathey Woerner


Anonymous said...

All these people were on the committee?

I certainly didn't see all of them working at the event.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some worked before the event, some worked during the event and others worked after the event. Some could've been in disguise working undercover for security reasons.

Does Milton have an ordinace which requires all committee members must actually be seen working?

Anonymous said...

The point was that the moderator of this website is given credit for being on the committee, but was at the event promoting only his company, not helping out at the event...must be nice to give yourself a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

All. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. In reading this omniscient post below, I have to laugh at it's shere arrogance and stupidity. While this individual wishes to paint me and my wife as "patting ourselves on the back", they have made themselves look even more foolish. Here are the FACTS:

1. We attended the majority of the volunteer meetings offering insight and ideas. Ask anyone else on that list and they will tell you the same.

2. Through's monthly newsletter, The Milton Observer, we heavily promoted The Round Up to over 2000 people in two of our issues; more so than any other local media outlet COMBINED.

3. We helped place numerous round up signs two nights; both small and large, (in our vehicle no doubt) in a row as well as helped put them together.

In closing, there were other volunteers who were on that list that had a booth promoting their business as well. Then again, this person was obviously too worried about taking a failed jab at me to realize it.

Keep HIDING behind a computer screen, though. The world loves a coward; after all, they do entertain.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

The moderators of this website spent alot of time helping out and also paid monies into the event to help support it thus we were also a VENDOR.
Several on the committee were vendors. They also worked extremely hard to see that this event was a success.
Tim and I spent alot of time contacting people and in alot of cases going to their place of business to promote the roundup and get them to sign on as a vendor. We spent several evenings taking care of signage and attending meetings.
Tim and I also posted several anouncements as well as a direct newsletter sent out to several thousand people two nights before the event all at no charge.
Lets discuss... What was your name?

Ginger Enloe

Anonymous said...

Reckon that was Neal that didn't see everyone working. Looks like his MO. Wake up Neal your opponent is not Tim or his wife, it's HEWITT.

Anonymous said...

A different perspective. As long as we are making observations about the Milton Roundup, I would like to give my two cents as an attendee, did anyone notice that our "acting" City Manager, Chris Lagerbloom, whose real title is Director of Public Safety didn't show his face at the city sponsored event until 6:30 p.m. His department, who be brags on as the best of the best, had a chili cook-off, and he didn't bother to show in support of his team. I believe I heard that he attended a football game in lieu of the city event. I guess we were to honored with his 15 minutes of attendance. I,for one, am happy that he is only "acting" because as a citizen of Milton, I want a City Manager that has his priorities in a different order. I certainly hope he has no desires to maintain the position of City Manager. The City of Milton deserves someone that realy cares about about the City of Milton and puts us at the top of his priority list. I have heard that he is now also acting as Finance Director, at this rate, he will fill all of the "City" positions and will be a one man show. What can a Public Safety Director know about finance? He has been quoted lately as saying that to have CH2M person hold this position would be a "conflict of interest"... well who is helping him behind the scenes, perhaps Carol Wolfe, who is a CH2mHill employe? I think I smell a rat......

Anonymous said...

Is Lagerbloom connected to "SHERIFF"? Seems as though I recall he was appointed by "SHERIFF" to original city planning committee.

In all fairness, he should have the right to attend a football game if he prefers this over the roundup.

Let's don't take away all personal rights and choices without checking with "SHERIFF". She may decide she needs to introduce and support such legislation in upcoming legislative session.

Anonymous said...

Don't be critical of Lagerbloom, he has to be a posse member or the fabulous four would not allow him to wear so many hats.

One of "MoM" boys, similar to Combover Boy, Morerig and O'Brain and their sister Vermon.