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****Press Release / September 8, 2007****

For immediate release Contact: Roger Santi


Roger Santi Qualified for Milton District 2 Council Race

(Milton, GA, September 6, 2007…)
Citing a need to bring unity to a troubled city government, Roger Santi has qualified for this November’s Milton city council district 2 race.

"The obvious problems facing city government are a lack of council unity and no common vision for the city," Santi said in announcing his candidacy. "We need someone who will be a unifying force on the council to accomplish what they were charged to do: preserve Milton’s unique quality of life. The council should focus on Milton’s needs and building its future and I will work to instil that unity of focus."

In addition, Santi cited the need for stronger financial controls and systems so that incidents that led to the city’s loss of $850,000 in revenue are not repeated. "As a CPA, I know the systems that must be implemented to prevent these kinds of breakdowns in the future," he said. "I will work to ensure that those systems are put in place so that our citizens do not lose a single penny that is due them and that all funds collected from them are accounted for and used properly."

Roger Santi is the only Certified Public Accountant running for Milton City Council District 2. He has operated his CPA firm for more than 17-years.

Roger and Tiffany Santi have two children. He is active with the Alpharetta Rotary, North Fulton Chamber, Georgia Republican Party and Atlanta Regional Commission


Anonymous said...

Mr. Santi,
Just as hard as you work to get into a seat on the Council, I will be working even harder to make sure you never get there. You can be certain of this. I have made it may goal this Fall to expose your connection to Jan Jones and the other four council persons (Thurman, Lusk, O'Brien and Mohrig) who were handpicked by Jones to run and do what she wants for her political career. You might as well save the $50,000+ you spent on your last campaign without success. You may be rich in money but you are very poor in your relationships with the people of Milton and those who really do want what is best for our community. You have serious ties to Georgia politics and I for one will not stand for it anymore on our council.

You will never be able to change my opinion of you. Your actions speak volumes. But please keep it up so that others find out right from the Horse's mouth himself!

You are so slippery it's scary!

A Milton Resident

Anonymous said...

He may be only CPA running... Thurman is a CPA and we don't need two bean counters, do we?

What is his position with ARC and how did he get there?

Anonymous said...

Let's all "google" Roger Santi and see what comes up?? And then let's post what we find out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, does he have to put REPUBLICAN on his sign? Like the people of Milton are going to vote for him just because of his "label". What an idiot. Problem is we'll be the idiots if Santi gets in.

Anonymous said...

Am I really supposed to believe that someone who spent $50K last fall on a campaign that had no chance of success is fiscally responsible.

Hey, it's great that you're a CPA, but that doesn't mean that you know anything about spending my tax money wisely...

Anonymous said...

You are right Mr. Santi, there is no common vision for the city with those on Council. 4 are for development and 3 are for protecting our unique rural atmosphere that is so special in suburban Atlanta. So maybe the 4 need to go, so we can get on with what the people want.

Anonymous said...

Everyone remember Mr Santi's opponent is NOT a member of the "gang of four"....she's been on the side of three.

Afraid if this guy is elected we could possibly have a "gang of five".

Anonymous said...

At least he has a job, Julie list as her "occupation" several positons she doesn't hold [if she ever did] She should have put down occupation -neighborhood activist. And she says she has a "Bachelors of Science" in Finance? come on

Anonymous said...

At least Julie does a wonderful "job" representing our city as best she can...

Julie has proven time and time again that she only wants what is best for the city.

Anonymous said...

I ran into Karen Handel several months ago and privately ask her what she thought the future of Milton would be. To paraphrase a rather lenghty disucssion with a woman I respect a great deal.

Radical activist like Julie will initially control the new city politics until their "no growth" policies cause property taxes to soar and the voters wake up to some of life's realities.

Anonymous said...

To Karen Handel's friend:

Santi is a friend of Ms. Handel's too. Just take a look at his short list of accomplishmets where he states this fact.) So, let me guess, you are Santi's friend. Or are you Roger Santi (anonymously)?

You make us sound like we are stupid or something. Don't you think the voters of Milton are paying attention? We are. And what you say that Ms. Handel said to you doesn't make one bit of sense.

I think I'll call her up and ask her myself. Anyone have her number??

In fact, let's all call and ask.

Susan L.

P.S. And just in case this is Santi in disguise: You run a very dirty campaign. That is all you can do. You are a very very dirty POLITICIAN. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan

If what I was told by Karen "doesn't make a bit of sense" then I regret to inform you that as you say in your [pp 2 sentence 1] I beleive to be true.

Once again you are in error
a]I have never met or spoken with Mr. Santi. So you may e-mail your barbs to him directly.

b]I am not friends with Karen Handel. I simply respect her candid opinion.

Please be sure to note, I did not accuse you of being a friend of Ms. Zahner Bailey or of in fact being her in desguise.

But next time you see her, ask her when was the last time she worked for the companies she list as "Occupation" in her bio.

I am simply a causal observer of facts and beleive the political b.s. should be pointed out for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great...real informative discussion we have going on here...

Could someone please tell me what Roger Santi would do for me?

I'm tired of hearing all the negatives, Julie's service for our city speaks for itself, I don't need to look at her resume to know that she is looking out for the best interests of my community.

So once again, I ask, what will Roger Santi do for me, where does he stand on the issues of growth, and does he support that backstabber Jan Jones?

Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

Travis, excellent post. Mr. Santi may be waiting for Jan Jones to tell him what his stance will be and what he can do for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Above someone wrote

"We don't need two bean counters do we?"

I would think we need fiscal responsibility and less emotion.Rather than a therapist to baby sit the council.

Seems I recall, during her stay as grand dragon of the good ole Birmingham Civic Association.Julie Bailey ran up a bill of a few hundred thousand dollars for designing a master plan that they couldn't pay. OOOOOOPS

Bob Fulton [using Fulton County tax dollars] eventually bailed them out and the community got a rather briefly revisted sophomoric vison into the future that will never be built.[a poorly designed failure of a Shopping Center with all that never to be built housing next to the luverly sub station]

"Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea"

I do not know what Mr. Santi could/would bring to the council,But I knew know what his opponent has done and the "No Baily" signs are already popping up.

I do know "no growth" means eventually higher taxes. And I do know that Julie [with I'm sure the best of intensions] acted very ficisically irresponsible.
And I do know she [meaning the Birmingham Asso] got bailed out with Fulton County tax dollars.

So maybe we do need 2 "bean counters" to watch the till. Julie's actions and credibility simpily don't "foot down"as they say.

I anxiously await your salvo[s].

Anonymous said...

Dear"I don't need her resume"

You are absolutely correct. Many people have died to give you the right to vote for anyone you choose. You can gather information and make an intelligent decision or you can throw darts at a list of candidates to make your selection of choice. That is your right as a citizen.

For that matter you can write in "Donald Duck" if you so choose.

Sometimes, I wish more people would.

Maybe someone would get the message. We need responsible leadership, not political rhetoric.
If you see any statesmen [or women] please let me know. I don't see an addendum to "Profiles in Courage" coming to press anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I just moved to this area and don't really know any of the candidates. But I can tell you I won't vote for candidates who bash the other and then avoid the real issues and questions posed to you by the community. Someone told me would attack Julie Zahner Bailey, Mr. Santi, and I thought I'd make my own decision, well, I can tell you I won't be voting for you since all you are doing is trying to discredit your opponent. I don't want someone who acts like that representing me in this community and would consider getting the hell out of here if you were elected, since that's where this city will be headed anyway from what I can tell. Studies prove the nastier you are the more you turn off the voters, so go ahead and keep it up.
Ms. Bailey you have my vote now! Thank you for making it so easy for me to decide Mr. Santi.

A Brand New Citizen of Milton!

Anonymous said...

Please put in Roger Santi section for questions. Thank you.

Hi Roger:

I read the election section in the Milton Herald today. For those of us who can not keep up with everything, please shed some light on these matters.
Who is on each side of the divide?
What is going on with the division?

Thank you!
I do not feel comfortable publishing my name -- thank you for your understanding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous who called Karen Handel:

You state:
But next time you see her, ask her when was the last time she worked for the companies she list as "Occupation" in her bio.

I actually do know when that last time was that Julie Bailey worked for those companies. She is the first to tell you about it. It ended when her first child was born, she was on maternity leave and then she took on the NW Fulton overlay and has dedicated her life to protecting our area since that time. I think it's been 12 years that she has dedicated her life towards what is now called Milton.

I am not Julie writing this post. I am not a personal friend of hers. I am now one of her many supporters. Julie is more intelligent than me. I do not think she would get involved in this blog. However, I am also educated and have made a point to look into her past. It is all good and reflects her commitment to this area.

Do you know what Roger Santi has done for Milton? Nothing that I have found so far.

Julie has lived here for well over twenty years. Mr. Santi for only three. Julie lives in a small modest home from what I have heard because she hasn't had a paying job all these years she has sacrificed for this area. (She has also volunterred her time in our local schools. I have seen her at a River's Alive function at her property digging knee deep in our local river cleaning it up with my kids while she taught them about the need to protect our environment.)

Santi lives in Tullamore in one of those mega mansions. He is a CPA. He is a Republican. Big deal! That's all he is to me. He has not shown anything else.

I don't want Santi's politics.
I want Bailey's passion!

You know what I think? Some people cannot stand that a woman could be smarter and more accomplished than a man in this town running for Council, as in this case. Let's call a spade a spade! And that, Mr. Anonymous, is pure IGNORANCE.

Susan L.

Anonymous said...

Since Thurman is on council, give her an abacus instead of electing another bean counter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion,

It appears from the first post, the rules are; Santi Bashing is fair, [he's a dirty ole CPA republician who is successful and lives in ...oh my God a Big house] but don't ever say anything about Julie or her Gestapos will be on you.[She has sacrificed her life to lay down in front of bulldozers while still nursing.

Anonymous said...

As a therapist, I would like to offer my services to this blog free of charge. Now let's all hold hands and begin by singing

Anonymous said...

Will somone please explain this gang of 3 [4] tryst of 2 thing. I'm confused by the phrase

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan,

Please be so kind and use the little mouse to scroll up and READ before you post. I did NOT "call" Karen, I happened to run into her and chose to ask her what she thought of the future of Milton.I appologize, I thought property taxes were an important issue and posted accordingly.

YOU were the one who was going to CALL her remember?

"You want to know what I think?"

No, I do not beleive I care to know what you think. Your logic escapes me and I do not see your mind open to reasonable discussion of important issues.

But hey, it's a free country, continue your Julie rants if you wish, Continue to beat up on anyone like Santi who dares to "call a spade a spade" as you say.

Go ahead, vote for the candidate based on the size of their home.Makes perfect sense to me.

Good bye

Anonymous said...


" I do not think Julie would get involved in this blog."

I guess her publicist wrote the tome on this month's question to the candidates concerning traffic issues.

Anonymous said...

If Santi is so damn great, then where has he been since the incorporation?

I see other individuals who ran, but were not elected choosing to be involved in the community...

Gordon Hunter, Marty Lock, Vince Pisano Eddie Moore, Clint Johnson, and Tim Enloe have volunteered their time with the Milton Volunteer Pacers or served on various committees...but Santi is nowhere to be seen?

Anonymous said...

I will be happy to explain where the “gang of four” term originated. The term was coined by Tim Enloe (the one that runs this website which explains why the term is used so often on this website) after he was defeated last December. Tim was bitter after losing the run-off election by a very large. Tim has used this website, among others, to try and get back at those that didn’t support him.

The truth is that the voting and motion log kept by the city of Milton reflects that there really is no gang of four. The Council has voted unanimously on 96-97% of all votes taken. They have actually had as many 6-1 or 5-2 votes as they have had 4-3 votes. Those that have been on the losing side of a few votes are like the little kid that is a bully and didn’t get his way. They are the ones that continuously try to make the Council appear split and in doing so have hurt the reputation of Milton and all of us that have chosen to live here.

Since the facts don’t support the objective of Tim and his supporters, they appear to have resorted to scare tactics and outright lies to achieve their purpose. They try and make voters believe that if they reelect certain Council members, then the entire city will be sewered and high density will come charging in. Don’t believe everything you hear. Based on my discussions with both Rick Mohrig and Neal O’Brien, they care deeply about our community and will fight to maintain the rural atmosphere that we enjoy here.

Unfortunately some people resort to playing on people’s emotions when the facts do not support their objectives. Hopefully the voters in Milton are smart enough and will do the research to get the true facts and will not cave in to these scare tactics.

Anonymous said...

I think it refers to the fact that all 4 of them support all changes made by Jan Jones...

Jan has not supported our mayor in anyway, but has been critical and done all in her power to undermine his authority.

The Gang of 4 term has been used by many others, not just Tim Enloe, crazy he may be....

Jan helped to create our city so that we'd have more choice in what happens here, and then undermined our choice by limiting the mayor and council positions to a max number of terms....

What good does that serve?

Anonymous said...

Hell Tim isn't even running for office! Tim buddy you must be doing something right to have these people attack you even though your not a candidate. They wouldn't be acting out like this if they weren't worried about something or had something to hide. Thanks for taking the crap and moving forward.

Your a better man than me.
I'll take a sign now.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone just needs to mellow out a little...

Just give Bob Moheb a call if you need some tips...

Anonymous said...

First off; I am glad to hear from Neal O’brien & his few remaining supporters again. Good to see that you are utilizing for a free voice. After all, that is what it is here for.

Moving on, while I wish I did “coin” the term “Gang of Four”, I did not. The first time I actually saw it was by one of the comments posted earlier this year. Also, Neal, I was not bitter about losing the election. Losing is a chance anyone takes in trying to run for office. However, your cowardly manner of the way you went about winning the run-off was pathetic and desperate. You were willing to stop at nothing to win; from trashing someone you didn’t even know (as well as his family) to borrowing a rumored $37k against your house to plaster every corner with your campaign signs. You always sign your e-newletters with “your neighbor.” In my view, “neighbors” don’t slam one another via half truths; especially in Milton. If anything, they approach them and say “Is all this true?” and talk about it. After all, Bill Clinton and Bush Sr are friends. Also, if I were “bitter” about losing, then why do I continue to be involved with the city?

If you could point me in the direction as to where I am “try (ing) to get back at those who didn’t support” me, I would appreciate it. I did write one editorial titled “Could it be…Cowards Among Us” regarding Magnolia Media’s donation of three dvd / vcr players to our Fire and Police department and the problems that some on the council had with it. Other than that, news articles are pulled from; and the city’s website; all given their just credit of course.

I will say that I have been very lucky in getting to know a lot of your former supporters since the election. They are good people and I consider them friends. They think on their own and don’t need me or anyone else telling them how to.

In seeing your claim on percentages, I believe them about as much as I believe your claim in the Milton Herald that you won the election by over 70%. For the ill informed, here are the true numbers from the normal election:

Milton City Council District 4
Georgia 9 of 12 precincts reporting.

Name Votes Pct.

Tim M. Enloe (N) 1,365 25
Neal J. O'Brien (N) 1,333 25
Vincent Pisano (N) 1,237 23
Eddie L. Moore (N) 1,122 21
Samual D. Bottoms (N) 370 7

I would like to know about any “scare” tactics that you reference. Again, if you have a problem with the articles written, I recommend you take that up with the authors. If you have problems with folks commented on them, then tell them. Don’t just hide in the corner.

In regards to the “sewer” claim, from what I have heard, you have lost considerable support due to your waivering on this concern as well as others. That was your decision and no one else’s…not even Tim Enloe’s.

In closing, you might want to post your name in the future. You will be viewed as more credible. It is also nice to know that even now, a year after our time together, you still think about me.

Regards –

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

The dirt and the politics here in Milton are like a very bad Daytime Drama, and a sad reflection on our City. I'm calling Oprah!

-Patti S.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Paris Hilton is suing Hallmark for using her image and her coined phrase, "That's Hot" in a greeting card. Maybe since you are getting credit for coining,
" The Gang of Four" you should patent it and make some money, Paris is.

Stay Strong Tim, the numbers you posted are correct and speak volumes.

Animals are known when backed into a corner to attack, thus the backlash towards you. Thank you for being you, thank you for this website that enables the community to interact with each other and not kill each other at the same time, and thank you for all the good things you do for our community. The community knows.
Michelle - Milton Resident

Anonymous said...

Let me see here.

The only thing modest about Julie is the size of her home and she has "passion."

Even though I don't know the size of her home,Can I write in "Monica" since passion seems to be a big issue in the election or would Hillary disapprove.

Anonymous said...

"If Santi is so damn great"

I do not recall anyone saying Santi was "so Damn Great."

It's just he said what everyone knows in the paper. He had the courage to express his opinion and he has caught hell for it on this board if not elsewhere.

My 2 cents. We have had two important positons left vacant and no one has had the courage [or ability] to say anything but blah, blah, blah. Like you know "I enjoyed my time working on getting the city up and running."

I hate to point out the obvious. But, when a city council needs a psychologist to help them get along, there is indeed at least one problem, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Which Council members wanted to spend the money on a therapist? Wasn't that Karen Thurman's idea? I believe that is what I read in the AJC.

Hope no one in Washington DC watched the National TV news about Milton for they may too want to waste tax payer money on therapy when they all dont' get along! How embarassing for our new City to have several Council members want to pay for a therapist.
- Over it in Milton!

Anonymous said...

Yes we have more than one problem...How about at least five...1-High Sheriff 2-Thurman 3-O'Brien 4-Lusk 5-Mohrig.

Betcha therapist vote was four for, consisting of Thurman, O'Brien, Lusk and Mohrig. Against Lockwood, D'Aversa and Bailey. The minutes may show seven for and zero against because three gave up and being unified looks better in press.

Anonymous said...

There's a old saying
"God did what the American voters couldn't do, Got FDR out of office."

I support term limits.

Julie can always pull a reverse George Wallace and run Bill.

Anonymous said...

Think the new saying should be: God did what the American voters WOULDN'T do, got FDR out of office.

Anonymous said...

HOT News Release:

The Horse ate the dog, who ate the cat, who ate the mouse, who ate the goldfish, who ate the fly who bit the horse where it counts.

Gordon Hunter is supporting Santi
(as reported today in the Milton Beacon).

Karen Thurman supported Gordon Hunter
(on City letterhead. Hurry, someone file another ethics complaint!).

Jan Jones supports Karen Thurman.
(Jones changed the infamous City Charter with Thurman without consulting the Mayor.
John's Creek didn't change their Charter.)

Karen Thurman made financial contributions to Lusk's and O'brien's campaigns (as did Jan Jones and developers, real estate investors and waste companies).

Rick Mohrig has been employed by Jones.

Go to City Hall and get the records yourself. Make them accountable. Santi likes accountability and so far his biggest contribution is his "REPUBLICAN CPA" wall plague.

This is Milton Politics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hot News Release clears up some of the muddy water. Shows how the "infamous four" got to where they are.

Oh yes, Mr Gordon Hunter, who along with others, petitioned Fulton County to place gates at both ends of Wood Rd,because too much traffic, causing safety issue, while bridge was being built over Chicken Creek. Never heard such howling about lack of safety. During Christmas season go by his tree farm and check out customer vehicles parked on road, definite hazard. Bet he doesn't complain about safety issues either.

Thurman has been accused of being a bean counter, reckon those are brown beans. Maybe Mrs. Lane will file ethics complaint against her.

Lusk, Mohrig and O'Brien...what can be said about them that has not already been, can't say ethical.

Does Jan Jones remind you of a certain female who is seeking nomination for President of United States?

Anonymous said...

My family recently moved into the Manor. This development is a feather in the cap of any community.
I understand that Julie Bailey fought hard to prevent its development and the BHA even sued to try and stop it.
Meanwhile, the unsightly greenhouse on Freemanville Rd. at Redd Rd. obtained a permit and got built withhout a peep from Julie or her BHA pawns.
If this is representation of the "rural character" that Julie is trying to inflict on this community, I think that she and her rabid hord need to move back to a farm community that has lesser standards than we expect from our new community.
I have seen Mr. Santi's home and trust that his standards meet our expectations.

Anonymous said...


Jan Jones is on her way to seeking nomination for Governor while Santi, Chatham, McMillan, Hines, the Sewer Companies pay her way there and while she does that she gets the political aspirees Thurman, Lusk, O'Brien and Mohrig do whatever she wants to pay back Santi, Chatham, McMillan, Hines, the Sewer Companies, etc.: .

C'mon, you can almost taste it is so close to you. That's because it is - Right in your own backyard!

Since this post is about Santi, remember his ties and his bashing. He is not good enough for Milton. He is not our man.

The Milton Beacon said it best in their "ANALYSIS":

"This is the classic confrontation of business vs community activism as it pits the longstanding public advocate against the upstart businessman and entrepreneur."

Sad but true.

Julie MUST remain on our Council in this district. We all vote for all districts. Santi is not a good enough option.

Or else, we risk a voice of our community at large.

Anonymous said...

Oooh My - is the Manor full of a new money attitude. Pssssst, be more humble my dear. You are now living in Milton.

Anonymous said...

hoity-toity queen of MANOR.

Anonymous said...

As to the Manor....

It wasn't that we didn't want the neighborhood built...

It was that we didn't want people like you moving here...

We're not stupid because we grew up in the country, you're stupid because you think you can push locals like us around...

Anonymous said...

Manor Princess-

Didn't realize you and your new pretentious neigborhood with it's massive fortress style Great Wall of China entrance have decided now for all of us what Milton should be look like and become now? I guess the people that live here in lesser of a home then you and have lived here who aren't as so lucky to have as much money as you oozing out of your pores should vote for Santi because his house meets your Standards!

Thank you for your post, I think you made it clear and verified that you support new development out here, and the "little man" as Alan Jackson sings about should just move on out and get over it.

From my observations Julie Bailey respresents the community that wants to preserve and enhance the rural feeling out here, not stifle it.

What have you done for the community out here other then move into the Manor? Julie has given 12 years of service which you don't even have a clue what she has done, you are spouting off what others are feeding you, which is nonsense.

It's obvious the others want to come in and make money off of re-zoning it to their benefit and the benefit of the developers,and all the others "companies" that contributed to their campaign. They owe these people, don't you get it, for contributing to their campaigns.

Go to City Hall as someone instructed and ask for the records from the last campaign and it is in black and white where the donations and influence is for the 4 people on City Council, its not from your average person in Milton, I can tell you. I have seen the records.

So maybe you should just close your massive gate, in the Manor, and go play some golf or something since you don't now what you are talking about, which is obvious. I guess a person's character is in direct correlation to the size of their home. Maybe you should go have a talk with the people that have lived here probably longer then you've been alive and ask them if they think the Manor is a feather in the cap of any community?

If you really care about the community why dont you get involved in more then just this blog, if you did become more involved and started talking to the average citizen in Milton and not those just with rich pockets you would see what the truth is. You are being fooled by a wolf in sheeps clothing. (That's Milton talk for you are being misled).

The developers are looking at Milton like a Lion stares at a Zebra on the Serengetti. There isn't much left in suburban Atlanta that they can sink their claws into, this is it! If you want it to look like Johns Creek or Alpharetta maybe you should have moved to the other side of Windward instead of here.

The developers are working behind the scenes to try and get the large property owners to become fed up out here and sell off their tracts of land so that they can build more neighborhoods out here, which brings commercial development, and so on and so on. Why do you think they donated to certain people on the Council and Jan Jones? Oh, so they can collect favors? The influence is there. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to call a spade a spade.

- A Milton Resident

Anonymous said...

Jan Jones is supporting Mitt Romney for the Presidential Race. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.....MONEY! Ross Perot couldn't buy his way into the White House, I guess Romney is more arrogant and thinks he can.

Anonymous said...

To her city said mean little Julie,
I don’t want to alarm you unduly.
I won’t take the blame
And yet, just the same,
I’ve become the major town bullie.

Anonymous said...

The "Supporters of Santi" :

(1) The Businness People salivating at at the Business Opportunities to be made in Milton.

(2) Gordon Hunter, in charge of a big Mormon church to build at the corner of Hopewell and Cogburn (@ flashing light) and Gordon has another business here too.

(3) People who think Julie is scary. Boo!

(4) The people who want sewer which equals more homes for us to build.

(5) Builders, developers, mortgage brokers, interior designers, housekeepers and nannies.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors,Please read carefully the posts above and note the venomous attacks on successful people who dare to acquire the American dream. Ignore the fact that the lady lives in a perfectly legal subdivison. These are from Julies ground swell of suporters you've read about. Her private emotionally whipped up, frenzied Gestapo.

No open minded discussion, no comon courtesty, no reason, no logic, just passionate anger directed at anyone who dares to oppose their positons and candidate or dares to exercise their rights and speak another opinion.

They fought againist the Manor development for years,they lost and now they seem to hate their law abiding neighbors who live there.

You are reading Julie's no growth postions regurgitated ad nausium. They are striking back in Julie's own odious style.

The scare tactics, the vendettas, and the outright lies are all part of Julie's personal jehad against anyone who dares to accept change to anything, anywhere, anytime.

Forget about open discussion, reason and managing growth in a responsible fashion. They want to kill the infidels who build roads, bridges, houses, and God forbid a successful business.

You are witnessing how she operates.This is why the council asked for a therapist and why the meetings go on until 2:00 a.m. And why good qualified competent city employees people leave their jobs.They want to have some sanity in their lives.

Read carefully, listen as the campaign heats up.You will see much more of this. And ask yourself. Do I want to be represented by these types of individuals.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so scared to post their name?

-Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

Manor Daahling.. you must understand that should the farms and landowners sell out they will be selling out to Wal marts, Krogers etc(retail) to gain the most dollar for the land they live on. The Manor, as well as any other well appointed gated community will suffer greatly due to the crime, trash, increased traffic, pollutants and loss of greenspace that these establishments bring.
I understand your disenchantment with JB but at the same time you must continue to think about your property value and the surrounding area.
She works as a benefit to us.
Although you have disagreed with her in the past. Please re-think your vote.
I enjoy my gated community as well but realize it would not be the same should we become overdeveloped.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, If Julie isn't reellected, there will be a Wal-mart or Kroger on every corner in Milton. Give me a break and stop the drama and scare tactics. It's Juliespeak at its best.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't able to attend council meeting yesterday....was Juliespeak on a roll and did she keep everyone till 2:00 am?

Anonymous said...

They are not scare tactics. I do not know Julie personally. I know of her.
I also know that if the wrong people get into office that I will be residing in another Gwinnett County. THAT my dear is not a good quality of life.
I moved here because of the greenspace and cleanliness of the city.
Should the area go to the way of mass development, myself as well as many others would move away from Milton.
Have you been through Crabapple lately? It looks terrible on the west side.
The east side looks great. I compliment Mr. Bell and his new buildings for keeping with the character in Crabapple.
Again, should the wrong people get into council, I can assure you that the rest of the city would not be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

The people on this blog who support Julie Bailey or any other candidate are not gestapo or jehad.

You are the one attacking and persecuting the bloggers on this site who want responsible planning. Who want to be represented by someone who doesn't just say they respresent us then vote or act differently. Seems like the community wants to be respresented by someone like them, not someone who has taken campaign donations from each other or donated to Jan Jones campaign, or also recieve donations from developers, builders, and companies and corporatation. As far as I know there are more people here in Milton then the above mentioned so shouldn't those running for City Council be getting donations from the PEOPLE and not from outside influences. RED FLAG! If you ask me!

There are no scare tactics other then from YOU trying to convince everyone else that the bloggers on this site and some supposed fictional group that you have created in your mind exists to go around and scare the community.

Are you for real? I know I am way to busy and more interested in my own life and family then to spend time undermining the community as you think so many are doing in your mind.

Maybe YOU are scared since the bloggers are speaking the truth.

Julie doesn't even know I am supporting her. So you are way wrong. From my observances she is crystal clear, transparent, no hidden agenda.

Nice try at your reverse physcology.

What's amazing and wonderful is the amount of people really becoming involved and defending this city to make sure we are represented correctly on City Council. It seems the majority wants to see Milton grow in a responsible manner on this blog, which tells me that I am on the right side.

You keep it up. And more votes will go for Julie and the new candidates.

Anonymous said...

I know 4 people I'll never cast a vote for ever again...

Thurman the Vermin

Lyin' O'Brien

Combover Boy


Rick "If Jan Thinks It's A Good Idea" Mohrig

Anonymous said...

As pathetic as this blog is, I almost miss being a part of unincorporated North Fulton.