Monday, September 24, 2007

Mark Your Calendars!

Meeting Tomorrow - September 25th - to discuss new Birmingham Elementary School.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Summit Hill Elementary School.

Dear Milton Residents,

Fulton County Schools will hold an informational meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25, for the community to learn about features of a new elementary school to be built along Birmingham Highway in the City of Milton.

The public is invited to ask questions to school officials about the construction and design process, special school features, bus transportation, and the redistricting process.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Summit Hill Elementary School, located at 13855 Providence Road in Alpharetta, Ga.

Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested in this meeting.


Anonymous said...

The BOE answered comments regarding the Elementary school. However didn't want to talk about the High School which was predictible.

The BOE is going to put 3 schools down Wood Road between Birmingham Hwy, Freemanville Road, Rolling Links Drive and I think Glendover Drive? Are all of you okay with the massive impact the placement of these schools is going to have on our city, the traffic, the future land use plan, and the environment. The BOE stated last night that they are not responsible for fixing the road problems which result from the placement of their schools, it's up to the DOT and they are not working with the DOT! The DOT will have to respond and usually responds after the schools are built, they will not respond prior, check the history log on previous schools, including the existing Milton High School. When did the traffic lights go in there? The day before the school opened I heard.

This land, should be used for a PARK for our City not a 3 school campus. And the City Council needs to get off their butts and start being vocal and ask and insist the BOE find a better spot for a High School in Milton. Does the City Council care about the citizens or not, then stand up and be vocal to the BOE!! I have been told the Council feels this is a wrong location and a better location should be looked into. So what is wrong with the Council telling the BOE to move the school, afraid? Afraid of WHAT? What other reason could there be that our City Council is being quiet about this?

Glad I went to the meeting, it was an eye opener!

Interesting how the BOE (Katie Reeves) says that meeting with a community 4 times is considered meeting with them alot. Especially when they wait 1 entire year for the next meeting. Which the next meeting on this Elementary School will be October 2008, 1 year from now. Mark your calendars. Can't you all just wait, why don't then just wait until 3 days before the school opens? Because they really don't want our input, they placate us and insult us by having these meetings with no intention of doing anything we suggest. Glad we pay their salaries.

For the record I don't live in White Colums or near the new proposed school and I agree with others and the Protect Milton group that these school placements so close to Summit Hill, Crabapple, Northwestern, Milton HS will be really destructive to our City. I'ts not about just the people that live close, its the much bigger picture. If you want to keep living here in Milton in the type of environment that we have here, then look outside your own little circle and see how wrong these schools placed here are going to be for Milton. There is still a chance, if we move the High School further away from MHS, not on top of it!


Anonymous said...

At least good ol' Karen "Vermin" the Thurman was there to ask what the school was going to look like. Maybe her family can build it?

Anonymous said...

Only hope the largest of the three is placed next door to Gordon, the opportunist, Hunter's home.

What would be better is placing all three around his xmas trees.

The Grinch