Friday, September 28, 2007

Councilman O'brien's Answer To October Campaign Question.


District 4 Councilman Neal O'brien evidently had sent us an answer to our October Candidate Question at our email. While we are unsure as to why we did not receive it for The Milton Observer Issue that went out today, we do apologize to Mr. O'brien. Our focus has always been to be an open voice for all in Milton. In an attempt to do this public servant justice, we will post his answer here as well as in the upcoming November newsletter slated for the end of October.

Question: Are you for or against sewer extension into the City of Milton? Please elaborate.


I am against sewer extension into the City of Milton and have a long record of supporting the one acre minimum lot size that is a key part of the character of our City. Additionally, I will support accompanying measures that preserve and nurture the unique appearance, livability and property values that define our area. The application of local control, decisive Zoning and the historically effective denial of sewer extension, will be the three legs of the stool that successfully protect Milton in coming decades. I intend to lead that effort as a member of the Council, representing the desires of the vast majority of Milton residents.

Neal O'Brien
Incumbent Councilmember
District Four


Anonymous said...

Bet he did not send it as he contends.

Do I hear an echo of Santi's stand on sewers?

Some people rather stand on their head and tell a lie than stand on their feet and tell the truth.

Wonder why ??

Anonymous said...

Having his name on the city council roll doesn't make him a councilman any more than owning a piano makes him a musician.

Does he own a piano?

Anonymous said...

Why did he not respond in time to make the Beacon Newspaper article? Unprepared as usual?

Anonymous said...

If he is against sewer extension then why does he have so many developers sending him campaign money?

Anonymous said...

Who owned the land on Web Rd. and applied for sewer and later withdrew the application? Was McMillian one of the owners?

Anonymous said...

Yes McMillian was and still is.

Anonymous said...

It is pretty typical of him to be late on most everything. Did anyone noticeat the Round-Up he was the only council person not around during the opening remarks, and he cam waddeling down after he had to go move his car, because he parked in a no parking area. He said he thought it was his special spot since he is a city councilperson?

I also hear from the city that he misses most scheduled meetings they have, other than council meetings.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he attend the weekly work meetings? He does not have a job!

Anonymous said...