Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Your Vision For Milton, Georgia.

What was once a simple agrarian community of only 3,000 people that covered all of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, and now Milton has experienced a population explosion of well over 100,000 people in a very short period of time. Milton, Georgia hit the lottery when it comes to passionate residents. Some of it's citizens hold true to certain visions regarding what our city is and should become. In many cases, however, folks are on the exact opposite sides of the aisle which can lead to very lively debates. A small percentage of our citizenry has lived here their entire lives. Others moved here within the past few years due to the unique feel and way of life. Many questions come about. Should the horses go? Should the horses stay? Should lot sizes increase or decrease? Should sewer stay out or do you let it in? Should we govern in a non-traditional fashion or use the same play book that surrounding cities have incorporated? Are you pleased with your elected officials or is it time to exercise your voting right? No one has all the answers but most have opinions. Case in point; what do you, the taxpayers of Milton, think? Is the City of Milton headed in the direction you think it should or do you think it is just a matter of time before Milton becomes synonymous with the look and feel of cities such as Roswell and Alpharetta? Share your comments below.


Anonymous said...

I am not happy with the majority on council after hearing their views on development and sewer. That in turn has pushed me to become involved in our city and it's goings on. This fall I will be out campaigning for the candidates that will represent Milton's citizens.
Sewer is not a necessity in this city. Bill quit telling people that they need to understand sewer. It is not welcome here -- Bill-- Karen -- Neal do you understand that?
You were elected to represent THE PEOPLE not yourselves and your cronies wallets.
The waste of money for a someone to help us get a long was absurd. This is not kindegarten -- it's politics.
On a different note:
Does anybody know what is going on with the cornor of Providence and Freemanville?

Anonymous said...

I understand the owners of PURE want to put a bar/restaurant there. They only have parking for 10 plus and there is a Church going to build across the street. That's what this city needs a bar between two highschools on a 2 lane road, Freemanville Rd. Imagine Friday and Saturday nights out here, then imagine yourself worrying about your children being hit by a drunk driver on his way home with his friends from a football game. Two highschools everyone! Teenage drivers driving at night on the same road that people will be indulging themselves from at this corner stop. Yeah, we need a bar here, yes I said bar, isn't that what PURE is, with food attached. If they want to serve food there fine, lose the liquor, this is not an appropriate place for a bar/restaurant in the middle of residential. Come on! What's next, a Strip Club passed thru behind the facade of a vegetable stand too? Residents of Milton WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Just behind the strip club...OH NO, not a BROTHEL !!

Anonymous said...

Same difference, but this is how ridiculous it really is getting. How about that "Moratorium" Neal O'Brien that you promised you would put all development if elected until the Land Use Plan was revised. What happened to that idea? Throw it out the window! Looks like it to us!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are two "Land Use Plan"s... one for the Sheriff and the infamous four!! The other for the remainder.

Time for the remainder to step up to the ballot box !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Milton is doomed [or normal] depending on your point of view.

Temporarily, "The Inmates have taken over the asylum" But,it takes responsible leadership to run things not zealots with personal agendas.

They can not control traffic and growth even with there socialistic stance againist growth and businesses.

FACT-People from Cherokee, Forsyth and northern Counties will continue to clog our roads with commuters.

FACT- Milton residents will continue to download babies [who need schools and at 16 have a God given right to a new car]

Taxes will rise to provide for the needs of a community run in the most sophomoric way imaginable and good employees will continue to jump ship to save their sanity from the chaos.

"The only thing constant is CHANGE" and the sooner the voters wake up and see that it can be responsibly managed not stopped the better for everyone.

"Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional"

Anonymous said...

May be the most realistic post yet !! "Growing old is mandatory growing up is optional".


Anonymous said...

Imagine....moving into an area where nosey neighbors complain about something they know nothing about. Get the facts sraight before venting your nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Milton is not doomed. Quit trying to make it seem like it is, so people stop trying!@#!

That's like saying Mike Tyson will never lose a fight.

That's like saying to the troops they have fought in vain!

If we all give up because someone says it'll never happen, then they are right, it will.

I call that the American Spirit. Against all odds.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad day when you think someone has a "God given right to a new car" -- you were joking right?

Having a car and a license to drive it is a PRIVILEGE earned not a God given right

Anonymous said...

Get Out and Vote People. Quit leaving it up to a few neighbors to vote for the community. I heard under 1500 votes were made for last years elections. WHAT!? There are 25,000+ of us, and only a handfull have voted! Are you American or Not! Get out and Vote or quit griping when your new city goes to hell in handbasket! How many men and women have died so that you can have a right to vote in your Country! Fly your Flags and get out and Vote in November, Get involved and get to know your elected officials so we can take control of our City Council and the rest of our Country!

Anonymous said...


Should have said "Believe they have a God given right.....

I also wrote Milton is "doomed [or normal]"

Now let's all stand up and spell Dunwoody

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you do mrs wylee. Quote from Ernest T Bass on Andy Griffith show. You youngsters may have to Google this.

Barney Fife