Sunday, March 23, 2008

Puppy Found.

Attached is a picture of an adorable young dog found by one of my neighbors. She was found near the part of the Champions View golf course that backs up to our subdivision, Oak Ridge on the Green. She looks like a Rottweiler puppy, maybe some shepherd mixed in. She looks well cared for and is very sweet. PLEASE pass this picture and email along to your friends and neighbors so we can find her owners. You can call me at 770-521-2835 or email me at Thank you for your help.

Cindy Hollingsworth


Anonymous said...

The puppy's owner has been found!! Thank you so much to everyone who forwarded emails and thank you to the people who posted this on Access Milton. Cindy

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Cindy Hollingsworth that was so ugly towards the city in the past? If so, its nice to see her in a positive light and situation.

Anonymous said...

Cindy Hollingsworth is a caring, generous and uniquely lovely person who has given a huge amount of time and effort to this community over the years.

The perception that she was ugly to the city in the past is entirely false. Yes she was indeed part of George Ragsdale's team in his election campaign to become City Mayor. She was however not behind, and certainly not in favor of, the campaign dirt and nastiness that was distributed against Joe Lockwood.

The responsibility for that can be laid very firmly at the feet of George Ragsdale himself and of course his Professional Campaign Manager.

I myself was an enthusiastic Ragsdale Supporter/volunteer and he was my choice for Mayor. But he drove his mud-slinging campaign forward, against the advice of his supporters, and ultimately it led to his enormous defeat and the defection of many (including yours truly) to the Lockwood Camp.

Please give Cindy a break - she does not deserve this.


30004usa said...

I don't know Cindy (at least I don't think we've met) but I don't think it's very cool to post the ugly comment, whoever you are out there.

Anyone who looks out for the little fellers can't be so bad anyway.

Peace Out,

Anonymous said...

Ginger and I wanted to take a moment and thank Cindy for helping one of our neighbors in bringing a beloved puppy home. We had a similar situation happen to us this past summer and once again some wonderful Milton neighbors came to the rescue. Times like this make us even prouder to live in such a wonderful city as Milton. In appreciation, we have something for Cindy. Please give us a call when you have a moment.

All the best -

Tim & Ginger Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...


Please make sure it is not something brown that the puppy "dropped", as Cindy is nice. My first post wasn't meant to be negative, but was glad Cindy was using your site for something good. I agree she may be a great person.

Anonymous said...

I thought she had blond, curly hair?