Monday, March 03, 2008

2 Die After Collision In Barrow.

NOTE: From time to time, we shall be posting stories that while not being directly about Milton, Georgia, they are still applicable. The majority of Milton residents DO NOT live in subdivisions; they live on old country roads, commonly refered to as "Open Road Neighborhoods." It is no secret that many of our own residents as well as those outside our borders drive well above the posted speed limits. While our officers have worked hard to fix this problem, they cannot do it alone. I encourage each and every Miltonian to extend their neighbor a hand and drive within our posted speed limits. We all drive these roads and we are all impacted by the other. Remember, your loved ones depend on you!

- Tim Enloe /
Wondering how many feet you need to come to a complete stop when driving 45mph? Click here ->

By Associated Press / Published On: 03/03/08

WINDER — Authorities are investigating a collision that left two people dead in Barrow County.
A Braselton Police officer began following a Chevy Camaro just before 10 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of Georgia highways 211 and 124 when the officer clocked the car traveling at 100 miles an hour in a 55-mile-per hour zone.

Braselton Assistant Police Chief Lou Solis says the driver of the car began passing other cars on the left. He says the officer slowed down because the car was traveling so fast and was about to radio in when the Camaro hit a Dodge Neon head-on at an intersection of Georgia 211 in Barrow County.

The drivers of both cars were pronounced dead at the scene. Three other people were injured.
Authorities have not released the names of the people killed.

The Georgia State Patrol is helping the Braselton Police Department investigate the crash.


Anonymous said...


I agree with you on speed limits and the importance of slowing down on our roads; but your statement of the fact that the majority of residents do not live in subdivisions is incorrect. I have seen statistics multiple times that show that close to 75% of Milton's population live in Subdivisions.

Not a huge issue for your point, but I think it is still important to point out.

Accessmilton Admin said...

Thanks for your support regarding keeping all of our roads safe. I apologize as the numbers I have show a different story regarding where our residents live. If you know where I can get these statistics that would be a big help. I actually live on Bethany Road between Providence and Mayfield (Aka "Bethany Farms") and we have 43 homes in our neighborhood alone. By no means in the 100's as some sudivisions are but more than most would assume. The sooner all residents drive in front of others homes the way they would want them to drive in front of their own, the better off we will all be.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
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