Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Milton Gardening Club

Organizational Meeting

The Milton Gardening Club is open to everyone in the city of Milton who is interested in or has a passion for gardening. All ability levels from novice to professional are welcome. Our focus will be on member education, philanthropy, and community outreach.
WHEN: March 20th 12:30 p.m. (First day of Spring!)
WHERE: Home of Sharon Murphy
1720 Windsor Cove
Highland Manor Subdivision,
Birmingham Road



Anonymous said...

Gonna have anything about raising taters, maters, okry, squash and pole beans? Now that is what I call gardening... don't know much about that philantrophy and outreach stuff.

30004usa said...

Oh Rowdy, you made me laugh first thing this mornin'!

Anonymous said...

Betty told me to Always plant your pole beans on Good Friday [and it works]

Anonymous said...

You do hafta reach out to cut that this same as outreach?

Anonymous said...

I think this here philantrophy is kinda like Eleemosynary, but I ain't sure.

Anonymous said...

I get it now. Grow it and reach out and give it away. Shoulda said that to start with and not use such big words.

Anonymous said...

will be there!!! Can't wait!