Monday, March 24, 2008

Ga 9 Closed In Milton

by Jason Wright / / Milton Herald

Milton -- Work crews building the Deerfield Place phase one shopping center hit two gas lines March 24, shutting down a portion of Ga. 9 in Milton.Traffic is being routed up Webb Road through Deerfield Parkway, then back to the clear part of Ga. 9.Lt. S. Cornett of the Milton Public Safety Department said the city has already notified the state to shut off the gas since Ga. 9 is a state route. The site has been evacuated, save for gas and public safety crews.Atlanta Gas Light officials on scene would not comment on when the main was hit.Cornett said there was no time line yet on when the portion of Ga. 9 would be reopened.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that this blog only seems to put articles of one type in here. They didn't post the "Is Milton a city in turmoil?" article from last week.

Hmmm.......I wonder why that could be??

Anonymous said...

This blog posts all types of articles. Get a grip! Your reaching.

Anonymous said...

If "reaching" reaal read the article and not just the headline, then the article wasn't that bad about Milton. Of course you are going to have a few people leave for certain reasons anywhere, but we all know why at least 3 left, because of the old "gang of 4".