Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Support Transportation Funding Proposal - Call Your Elected Official Today!

This week the state House of Representatives will consider important transportation funding legislation that promises to free clogged highways and provide new transit options for metro Atlantans and all Georgians. The House Committee substitute to SR 845 will first provide the citizens of Georgia an opportunity to vote on a constitutional question allowing regions within the state to propose a 1% sales tax for their most needed transportation projects in that region.
Second, the regions would then ask their citizens to vote on a list of projects that the sales tax would fund and the timeframe for that funding. Each region would get back all of the funding it generates for its own transportation projects.

Citizens finally have a chance to be heard on this issue.
Please take a few minutes today to contact your House Representative and urge that they vote “Yes” on the House Transportation Committee's substitute to SR 845.

Find your Representative here

Thank you for helping metro Atlanta’s economic prosperity and quality of life.
The Atlanta Regional Commission is a member of the Get Georgia Moving coalition, which represents more than 50 groups, including Georgia and metro Atlanta businesses, government leaders, transit advocates, road builders and environmentalists, who gathered together to advocate for transportation funding solutions in the 2008 legislative session. The coalition supports a referendum-based effort to generate funding to relieve congestion, ensure our air quality and promote economic development.

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