Tuesday, March 18, 2008

*****Wreckless Driver Alert - Fulton Tag # AHS 7302!!!*******

Date: Tuesday / March 18th
Time: Approx: 6pm
Location: Bethany Road Between Mayfield & Providence.
Offense: A black Lexus 470 / Fulton Tag# AHS 7302 was seen driving in a wreckless manner going north on Bethany Road. The offending vehicle passed a north bound vehicle on a double yellow line (which means no passing!) in front of the Trotter's Ridge Subdivision. Witnesses state that they were driving about 40mph when the vehicle passed. It is estimated that speed driven by this individual is roughly 60mph. Driver continued north and turn right onto Bethany Way.

Please keep your eye out for this individual. He is taking the lives of all of our Milton residents for granted! This vehicle has been reported to the Milton Police dept.


Anonymous said...

Some people think the traffic laws only apply to others.

Catching speeders and reckless drivers is like going fishing, you can't catch all of them. But the caught should pay heavy fines and publish same in local newspaper in the police blog.

To the poster looking for GOOD things....nothing complimentary can be said about speeding and reckless driving..sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet if this individual had been driving something like a Dodge Neon, rather than a Lexus 470, people would have been posting like crazy on this board. Oh no, we can't have this in our city, blah, blah! Must have eaten at the new restaurant, drank whiskey, now on the road trying to kill our children, blah, blah.

Maybe we are on the brink of moral bankruptcy.