Monday, March 10, 2008

New Poll Up!

A new poll is listed in the upper right of our news section. This month's survey ask:

If A Person Is Caught Speeding In Milton, Should Their Punishment Include Picking Up Litter In Our Open Road Neighborhoods?

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Anonymous said...

Does the crime fit the punishment? Probably not. Innocent people can be killed from speeding but what is much worse is drinking while driving - and speeding - as evidenced by all the beer cans thrown on the sides of our roads.

Bud Light (in a blue can) seems to be the drink of the majority here. Take a look for yourself. Sometimes you'll even see them all in a row.

Can we get fingerprints off of beer cans?

Maybe it's all from just a few raging alcoholics but I doubt it. Don't blame construction workers and hispanics. It's more likely the teenagers - which is a sad reflection on bringing up responsible, healthy and happy children in our community!

Anonymous said...

3:30 one day in February.
I am out walking my dog - a dodge truck comes flying down the road. You can tell he is pushing the gas pedal then lets off then pushes it again every time very quickly off and on and off and on again. That is why he/ she caught my attention.
Just as he or she passes my house they veer off the road trenching my neighbors yard and barely missed the pine trees.
So whether the driver was drinking or not they were still speeding and veered off the road barely able to control the vehicle.
My neighbor or their kids could have been in their yard at the time and taken out.
I can not count the times I try to check my mail and have almost been hit and yes folks I do wait for the traffic to clear but they come so fast it does not matter.
Just to pull out of my driveway during the week is like pulling out onto the indy 500.
So yes I would totally agree with the speeders picking up trash in addition to their fines. Perhaps it should be for the excessive violators for the people that are going 15mph or more over or repeat offenders.

Anonymous said...

To the citizen who referenced the Dodge truck trenching their neighbor's frontage, I would like to speak with you! Please give me a call when you have a moment.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
Magnolia Media, LLC
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

It was Bill Bailey

Anonymous said...

In poll results, wonder how many voting NO are Milton residents.

Know what you mean about going to mailbox. Taking your life in your own hands.

Don't think this Bill Bailey guy is doing all the speeding and reckless driving by my house, if so he must own many, many cars and trucks.