Saturday, February 05, 2011

DUI,Speeding, & Littering In Milton? Surely you jest!

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By Tim Enloe;

Milton Police Officer Adrian Symanowski has been busy lately due to speeding throughout Milton's open road neighborhoods.

On the early morning of January 25th, she spotted a sedan and black pick up truck speeding by at close to 80 mph.

It should be noted that Freemanville Road is a residential node and home to over 100 Milton families with a posted speed limit of 45mph.

While Ofc Symanowski pursued the pickup truck with lights and sirens blazing, the vehicle in question refused to stop until it arrived at Atlanta Athletic Club East.

Thanks to Ofc Symanowski, the story would end with 26 year old Canton Resident Michael Stauf being arrested and ticketed for DUI and speeding.

Her public service for the City of Milton was far from over, however.

At 2:30am on January 29th, she spotted a white Honda with five occupants traveling down Highway 9.

Due to a cigarette tossed out the window, Marcus Padgett of Whispering Pines would be arrested and ticketed for littering and DUI.

Other Milton Officers have been busy keeping the public safe from harm as well.

In the wee hours of January 27th, Milton Police Officer Hickerson was monitoring traffic on Morris Road. He would end up observing a Jeep Patriot Sport utilityvehicle headed north at approximately 72 mph. The speed limit is 35mph.

Once again, the suspect was pursued with lights and sirens active, but he refused to stop and ended up running a stop sign at Webb Road. The vehicle in question would eventually pull into a Morris Road apartment complex, finally heading to the officer's demands.

Ofc Hickerson arrested 25 year old Milton resident Chase Brainard for speeding, failure to stop, and DUI among other charges.

One has to wonder with Milton only having three to four officers per twelve hour shift,
how many offenders are slipping through the cracks and putting our loved ones at risk?

Many thanks to Officer Symanowski & Hickerson for keeping Milton Georgia residents safe!

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