Monday, February 14, 2011

Milton Police Officer Kiel On The Job!

By Tim Enloe;

A Cumming man was arrested and ticketed for the possession of marijuana and failure to keep drugs in the proper package on Feb 6 my Milton Police Officer Brian Kiel.

Ofc Kiel spotted the Chevy Impala swerving and crossing a double yellow line on Morris Road at 3:40pm. Once the suspect was pulled over, signs of marijuana use was obvious.

Due to the man in question refusing to allow his vehicle to be searched, the Police Dog DaSilva, which was donated by the Eddie Moore family, made a "hit" in the car.

Upon further investigation of the Chevy, a marijuana pipe was found in addition to four pills that are a known controlled substance.

Michale Muchmore's evening would end in the back of Milton Police Car headed to jail.

Officer Kiel was far from doing his duty, however.

On February 5th, he was parked in the Deerfield Parkway area when he noticed a Jeep Cherokee drive by. The vehicle in question appeared to have illegal tint.

After pulling over the suspect vehicle, he noticed the smell of marijuana as well as residue. The K9 unit Da Silva also confirmed that an illegal substance was present.

Eventually, eighteen year old Jacob Hansard of Cumming would be arrested and ticketed for the marijuana as well as illegal window tinting among other things.


Anonymous said...

If you search every car you pull over every now and then you will find something.

Anonymous said...

and this particular guy must have something on his upper lip, he's always looking for PC.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Based on my experience he is an overly aggressive, incompetent officer who needs retraining.

Anonymous said...

So if you know what PC is your a cop....and not a good one

Anonymous said...

Hey your cops...we don't want them

Anonymous said...

This Offier is horrible, he once pulled me over and said I smelled like weed. Then his boss searched my car and slammed me on the hood for no reason. These guys are riddiculous!

Anonymous said...

He pulled me over and said that he had a cold but he smell weed on me. I don't even smoke weed and when I have a cold my nose is stopped up and I don't smell nothing. I sat there for and hour and a half just to get a damn seat belt ticket, cause that damn dog couldn't find nothing.