Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Roswell Principal Moving To New High School.


Message from Dr. Spurka =>
administrator .

Dear Students, Parents, and the Roswell High School Community,

Many of you have heard by now that I have been named the principal for Fulton County’s new high school on Bethany Bend, which opens in the fall of 2012. I am excited for and appreciative of this new professional opportunity. I am honored to have been selected to open this new school; however, I am holding in my emotions knowing this will be my last year at Roswell High School. I will continue to serve as your principal until the end of this semester.

Since Roswell High School first opened its doors 62 years ago, only seven people have been fortunate enough to be its Principal. For the last 10 years, I have felt the community pride and spirit for Roswell High School from the hallways to the Roswell Rotary, to our surrounding businesses and parks. Roswell High School has been so special to me. In fact, my 9-year-old daughter only knows her daddy to be the principal at Roswell High School. She was born my first year when I served as an assistant principal.

When I look back at my tenure, it is easy to list all the accomplishments we have achieved together in the past 10 years. I am forever grateful for our accomplishments, but I am the most grateful for the relationships I have built with all of you. I will keep Roswell High School close to my heart throughout my professional career. Roswell High School made me both a better school administrator and a better person.

I am pleased to share that my shoes will be filled by one of my respected colleagues in the Roswell school community – Jerome Huff. Those of you who have had several children come through our halls may remember him as an assistant principal here at Roswell High School. Mr. Huff is currently the principal of Elkins Pointe Middle School and before that he was the principal of Roswell North Elementary School. He is a familiar face to many in the community and I have no doubt that he will serve our school well.

There will be many opportunities to meet Mr. Huff in the coming months, but on Tuesday, February 22, from 7:45 a.m. to 9 a.m. we will hold an informal Meet-and-Greet in the media center. Please feel welcome to drop by and meet him.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us this semester as we prepare for graduating the Class of 2011. Please be assured that you will continue to receive the complete and full attention and dedication that I have displayed the past 10 years. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you the next few months. My goal is to build a high school at Bethany Bend that resembles the culture here, a place where the students and parents love their high school as much as you do.

Once a Hornet, always a Hornet.
Dr. Spurka


A meeting will be held at Alpharetta High School Wednesday February 23 to discuss redistricting which will include shifting students among Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton High Schools, and the new facility.

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Anonymous said...

Surprised they didn't move him to Milton HS and Jones to Bethany, since most of the kids going to end up at MHS after the redistricting are gonna be Roswell kids. Take a good look atther Milton kids, you are gonna be waving bye bye MHS as you know it.
Oh and they'll have all those meetins and file all the suggestions in file 13 anddo what they want anyhoo!
Plus we have a City Council in training pants still who talks baby talk to the BOE.