Sunday, February 20, 2011

Milton's Open Road Neighborhoods - A Ticking Time Bomb.


Once again, familes who reside in Milton's open road neighborhoods were put in danger this past week.

58 year old Charles Boatright of Canton decided to use the residential node of Batesville Road as his drinking and driving playground on February 13 around 4:20am.

A witness saw the suspect drive by and heard a crash a moment later. Mr. Boatright had flipped his vehicle after plowing through a "Stop Ahead" sign, going into the other lane, and into the front of a Milton resident's yard, according to Milton Officer Fregosi's report. The Nissan Morano came to rest on it's side.

The suspect would end up being ticketed for failure to maintain lane and DUI.

With Milton announcing a surplus, many residents hope that more officers will be hired to focus on speed enforcement and safe driving in the open road neighborhoods throughout the city.


Anonymous said...

i hope they spend that surplus on shutting down this website

Anonymous said...

if you don't like it then don't visit it, duh.

Anonymous said...

I've read some of the comments from various posters. It seems whenever someone disagrees with the commentary of the writer's blog, there is always negative feedback. It really is disheartening. While the information on this blog is sometime interesting, there definitely seems to be an agenda that I'm not certain I like or support. 11:41, you don't have to tell me not to visit his blog again, since I've already decided not to do so.

Anonymous said...

how many people could have been endangered at that time in the morning as opposed to that same time in the afternoon. i'd rather the drunk drivers be out and about at that time then during waking hours

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:05 AM, you can read the city's website. The rest of us don't care what you think or say.

Anonymous said...

It seems we always blame the City of Milton for not having enough police officers to patrol our streets for drunk drivers. COME ON This 55 year old man knew the rules and yet he decided to drive drunk. People are guilty. Don't keep on blaming the City for drivers driving drunk. I think the City should have some road blocks on Friday and Saturday nights on some of our long open roads. Put the drunks behind bars for a couple of days and make them pay big. Maybe they will stop and think next time.

Anonymous said...

The road blocks are a good idea for Milton. All caught are ticketed regardless of who you are. No more dismissing offenses of the privileged.