Sunday, February 20, 2011

'Milton Madam' sentenced to life in prison.

Convicted of masterminding Milton's first murder.

By Jonathan Copsey; Appen Newspapers

February 17, 2011

MILTON – Kisha "Key" Rutledge, the notorious "Milton Madam" accused of orchestrating Milton's first murder in 2007, has been sentenced in Fulton County Superior Court to life in prison.

Rutledge, owner of an Atlanta escort service, discovered a Milton man, Keith Brown, was in possession of thousands of dollars at his home. Along with three accomplices – Jeff Dulcio, Steven Woods and Michelle Morrison – Rutledge drove to the home June 12, 2007, where Dulcio and Woods attempted to rob Brown. During the burglary, shots were fired from both Brown and Dulcio. Brown was wounded and, after dialing 911, died.

It was Milton's first homicide, occurring less than a month after the police department was launched in May 2007. Police detective Travis Parker was assigned to the case. It was his first murder investigation.

"It feels pretty good to have closure on that case," said Parker, who worked with GBI agents to catch Rutledge.
"We looked for her for almost two years."

Parker, now a patrol supervisor, said Dulcio and Woods were unknown to the victim, but that Rutledge was in contact with him, setting up "dates" with her escorts.

"There was evidence from the victim's phone that led to Michelle Morrison, and once we got her, she pretty much cooperated with us and she was able to give us nicknames," Parker said.
"From those nicknames we were able to find Woods and Dulcio."

Rutledge was on the run until 2009, when she was captured in Houston, Texas, after her case was dramatized in the television show
"America's Most Wanted."

She was smart, said Parker. Rutledge did not have her own cell phone. Instead, she would use disposable phones or those of other people, so she could not be easily traced. Parker said that there was no telling if Rutledge had done this sort of crime before.
The night he died, Brown had contacted Rutledge to set up a date with Morrison, an escort. All four conspirators arrived at Brown's Milton home and tried to force entry. Both Brown and Dulcio were armed and shots were fired.

Both Dulcio and Morrison were caught soon after the murder. They were tried and sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for their roles in the murder. Woods pled guilty in a plea agreement and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for attempted armed robbery.

"I want to express how pleased I am that all the parties involved in this crime have been brought to justice," said Milton Police Chief Deborah Harrell. "I especially want to highlight the determination and hard work of Milton Police Lt. Travis Parker, who led the initial investigation, and the GBI for their invaluable assistance on this case."

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