Friday, February 25, 2011

City of Milton to fund playing field at local Elementary School

Courtesy of "The Inside Scoop!" Birmingham Falls Elementary School Principal's Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 12, February 24, 2011.

"Our Local School Advisory Council has been hard at work collaborating with the City of Milton to develop a viable land and building use contract agreement with the school. At this time we are in the final stages of the contract negotiations. If all goes well, we will enter a five year agreement with the City as follows: the City will improve and maintain our entire playing field, with irrigation and a combination of seed and sod, and in return, we will host youth activities on school grounds."


Anonymous said...

So that's what our city has been doing? We are already getting a new football field, soccer and baseball with our tax dollars on the corner of Bethany Bend and Hopewell.

Who's running this city? Starting to feel like CA out here. I heard we have a surplus, really, great, from where and how did we get it, by accident, money not spent that should have been spent, or did they find the money City Manager Bovos misplaced or forgot to file for a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got an extra acre on my property which could work as playing field, can the city put in sprinklers and grass for me and I'll let them lease it for free too, as long as they pay for everything and keeping the grass cut? Hey we could have little fields all over Milton this way and nice groomed yards thanks to the city and it's tax payers. What a concept! Come on, tell us who's idea this was so we can give credit where credit is due!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great since my child uses that field for playground time during school hours. Wouldn't you prefer your kids to play on grass, or do you prefer dirt?

Anonymous said...

apparently you first two posters iether dont have kids or actually enjoy paying extra for them to participate in alpharetta youth sport programs and you get all pissy when the city probably does anything even though if you had a brain youd realize that milton is only responding to the results of the surveys they sent out in the past two years asking what residents wanted so if you go and look at those results the city is just doing its jobs by trying to meet the wants and needs of the majority of the responding residents so if you dont like how stuff is going then put your money where your mouth is and try to show up for a city council meeting sometime until then shutup as you dont get to have a voice if you dont want to use it

Anonymous said...

and stop blaming bovos on something that was carol wolfes fault

if you wanna blame bovos because he was her boss then you also have to blame the original city council since they were his boss and decided to make him the fall guy

i hear california is run real well so why dont you just move back there and take your arrogant attitude with you

Anonymous said...

Really, how about putting our money into our 200 acre park?

California is bankrupt, last I checked, due to entitlements. Never lived there never will.

by the way, they never published the survey results. I bet the survey didn't ask if the citizens wanted to fund the expense for a soccer or lacrosse field in the back of a FC school, and pay to maintain it. I do have kids by the way, 4 kids. The problem is they should be building fields, but not using tax payer money to do it in the back of public schools, lets invest the money in our parks, isn't that what they are for?

Show the results of the survey, post the results on Access Milton Tim. I am sure the city would be more than willing to provide the survey results in detail, not just their summary of the poll, the actual detailed numbers.

Okay. I do agree with the last poster in blaming the original city council. Lockwood, Bailey, O'Brien, Mohrig, Lusk and Thurman and D'Aversa.

Anonymous said...

And to think we still have Lockwood, Thurman, Lusk and Bailey. The nodding of heads and do nothings must go.