Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rash Of Break Ins Hit Milton.


A rash of break ins have recently hit the city. From Fairmont subdivision to Redd Road, homes are being broken in to at an alarming rate.

We have contacted the Milton police department to get further clarification on what is transpiring and should have more information shortly.

In the mean time, be on the look out for a dark color late model Nissan Altima driven by two black males. If you see this vehicle, please contact the Milton Police Department at 678 242 2500.

Many thanks to "A Good Neighbor" for contacting about this story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks AM. I guess the City decided to not send out an E-blast on this information. But hey, Core Physiques will be starting another get fit program for our community at Bell Memorial Park, and hey, the city spent recompense money on saplings for our city.
Oh that's right, Jason is out on maternity leave, which was also in a city of milton e-blast, and no one else at the city knows how to alert it's citizens of a major safety concern of home break ins!!! We understand.

Anonymous said...

arrogant jerk do you want the city to send out and e-mail everytime someone is pulled over for a dui too

what does access enloe consider to be an alarming rate did you consider that since knowing tim there were probably only 3 breakings

Anonymous said...

Arrogant jerk? Hmm. I guess 3,4 or 5 breakins within a few days isn't worth the concern of Milton Citizens. Maybe you are the perpetrator. No, you just work for the city and are defending Jason.

Tim how many break ins, and what subdivisions or roads please, or do we have to call the police department ourselves to find out. At least you gave us a tip there were breakins. Some neighborhood watch the city is running. If you want to defend your homes, better metal up because we don't have enough police man power to handle more than two emergency issues at a time in Milton anyway. Sorry, truth hurts. All any crime driven person has to do is see when the officers are having dinner at Zaxby's to determine when they are going to do something.

Anonymous said...

Yes 10:02 am, I do want to know about each dui including the ones that are dismissed before pen hits the ticket. Just think, the good ole boys would be exposed.
With fingers crossed, your home may be the next breakin.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you do something worthwhile 4:48 poster and alert everyone you know via your email or your mouth. I've had my house broken into and believe me they cannot replace what they stole from my house. So stop being so arrogant. Let's catch the Bastards!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The first step in catching them is alerting your city and communities, you know a thing called, awareness! You can say 4:48 is arrogant, I think that poster is dead on with the city eblasts, they are annoying, then when it comes down to something really important, crickets. That has to change immediately.

I think the city is arrogant for NOT sending out immediate blasts every single time a break in occurs. What is the hold up?

Don't want to start a panic or frighten us? I guess we wouldn't experience either of those emotions should it happen to any of us while we are home or sleeping, or coming home from grocery shopping.

Any news on the actual number AM?

Anonymous said...

Why would you, 4:22, be upset with 4:48 for commenting on what is apparent in the way the city has handled crime alerts? You say you have been robbed, than you more than anyone would appreciate wanting to know your neighbor had been robbed the day before right? or if there was a crime wave?

Sounds like you have a conflict of interest possibly.

Anonymous said...

What is Nixle? I thought through Nixle resident are supposed to be alerted?

Anonymous said...

Did breakins hit Milton or a Rash?
The city isn't reporting either one to it's residents. Completely unacceptible. Don't care if Jason is in South America on a mission, get the word out City of Milton!

Anonymous said...

Someone has to actually report the info to Nixle from the City.

Why on earth did they feel it necessary to put the email that Wright was on maternity leave anyway, unprofessional. As wonderful as the event is for Wright and his family, that is TMI for our residents. Keep the city email blasts pertinent to the City issues only in the future and find a back up to get out emergency news such as robberies!

We just stopped being the laughing stock of N. Fulton, we don't need to go back there!

Fernando Severns said...

The faster this gets addressed, the better the chances of stopping it altogether and capturing the perpetrators. Most robbers target quiet neighborhoods with little to no visible security. Maybe it's time to improve our watch.