Sunday, February 27, 2011

Break Ins Follow Up - Incident 1.



As we shared this past week, we reached out to the Milton Police Department requesting information on the recent breakins throughout the city.

Thanks to Police Chief Harrell and Katherine Fies of the Milton Police Department, we have received police reports involving these burglaries.

Out of respect for the victims, we will not post their names or numerical address. In addition, any information that could aid our Milton Police Officers regarding this or any other investigation will be removed. However, the rest will be complete and verbatim via the officer's report.

Additional reports will be posted one at a time every 24 hours.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Department for coming to those in need.

AGENCY NAME: Milton Police Department.
ORI: 0605700.
LOCATION OF INCIDENT: XXXXX Birmingham Highway, Milton GA 30004.
CRIME INCIDENTS: Burglary-Forced-Res 16-7-1.
PREMISE TYPE: Residence / home.
WEAPON / TOOLS: Pounding tool / device.
CASE#: 11-00234
DATE / TIME REPORTED: 2/11/2011 18:06 Fri.
LAST KNOWN SECURE: 2/11/2011 12:35 Fri.
AT FOUND: 2/11/2011 18:06.

VICTIM 1: XXXX / 39 yr white female / Resident Status / Resident.
VICTIM 2: XXXX / 37 yr white male / Resident Status / Resident.


1. James Avery Bracelet / Value: $200.00
2. Precious Metal / Value $100.00
3. James Avery Bracelet / Value: $100.00
4. James Avery Pin / Value: $60.00
5. James Avery Pin / Value: $100.00
6. Gold Ring /Dolphin / Value: $250.00
7. Gold Ring / Saphire / Value: $50.00
8. Gold Ring / Saphire / Value: $50.00
9. Cameo Broach / Value: $100.00
10. Cameo Charm / Value: $100.00
11. Class Ring / Value: $50.00
12. Class Ring / Value: $50.00
13. Ring Heart Shaped / Value: $$50.00
14. Scarab Bracelet / Value: $150.00
15. Pendant Fashion / Value: $270.00
16. Credit Debit Card / Value: $100.00
Officer/ID# Baronian, A.P. (1211)
Invest ID (0)
Assisting Officers: Mulvey, S (1203), Parker, T (1119)
Narrative: On February 11, 2011 at 18:06 hours I responded to XXXX Birmingham Hwy for a possible burglary. On arrival I met with the homeowners; Mrs. XXXX and Mr. XXXX. They had just returned home and found that one of the rear doors leading to a storage room had been broken into. The door, mainly made of glass, had been clearly smashed around the area where you would need to reach through to gain access to the deadbolt. Mr. & Mrs. XXXX had already cleared the home prior to my arrival. They also stated that the only thing apparently missing was Mrs. XXXX jewelry box which was located on her dresser in her bedroom. The bedroom is located in the opposite corner of the house, passing a big screen television, laptop computer, WII system, and several other items before obtaining the jewelry box. The exit point appeared to be the bedroom door which was unlocked. Both doors are entry/exit points to a fenced in backyard. The items in the jewelry box and their estimated values are as follows: Cherry wood jewelry box with two side opening doors, $100; James Avery Horse bracelet, silver, $100; James Avery Heart Shaped Pin, mother holding two children, silver, $60; James Avery oval pin, turtles, #1 Mom, little girl, silver $100; James Avery charms bracelet, boy and girl holding hands, cradle, silver, $200; Gold ring, single dolphin shape with blue pearl on top, wyland engraved on the inside of the ring, $250; Sapphire ring with a gold band, $50; Sapphire ring with gold band and three marquis sapphires on top, $50; Cameo Broach, reddish brown background with white front, $50; Cameo charm on gold rope chain, blue, mother holding child, $100; two class rings that say XXXX highschool, one has a blue stone and says XXXX, band,basketball#45, $100; Silver ring with heart in middle with XO on either side, $50; scarab bracelet, oval with several jade stones, $150; fashion pendant, 14k gold with one round sapphire, $270, RBC debit card, a Home depot credit card and possibly some other retail store credit cards. I gave Mrs. XXXX my card with a case number and asked her to e-mail me any further information. Ofc Symanowski went to the scene later and finger printed the entry and exit points...(the remaining part of this sentence has been removed to protect the MPD's investigation.) The XXXX also told Ofc Symanowski that they discovered a charge on their RBC account for $100 that had occured at 16:00 hours, and two other failed attempts to extract $100. The apparent location of the transaction was at a XXXXXXXXXX Check Cashing location in Roswell. This report along with a photo copy of a certified appraisal (fashion pendant) , and a hand written page containing the debit card information will be placed on file and forwarded to CID.
Supervisor: Taylor, C (1114)
Case Status: Active / Pending 2/11/2011

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