Monday, August 02, 2010

Two Dogs Found

A Bethany Road resident found two dogs this morning. They appear to be German Shepherd mixed. Light in color.
They have been boarded at Alpharetta Animal Hospital. Dr.Hines is the contact @770-475-7613.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much. I did learn 1 thing that all dogs owners need to know. If you rescue a dog, they may have a chip., but the owner of that previous dog may have disappeared, which was this case. The phone number that was gotten off the chip from the place that made it had been disconnected and the previous owner was not listed in any of the telephone books or white pages. So if you do rescue an animal, PLEASE make sure you update the chip information. It can save a lot of heart ache on losing your loved one.

Also THANK YOU Alpharetta Animal Hospital (Barb) for helping me out with these 2 lost dogs today. You have been my vet for 38 years and I would not trade ya'll for any other.


Anonymous said...

would you trade your neighbor tim in for another that is quieter

Anonymous said...

Hey comment 6:02 am - we would never trade tim for another but definitely give away the likes of you. Leave Milton and we will all be much happier.

Anonymous said...

just make sure you chip him!

Anonymous said...

Previous post is obviously from the "snake in the grass".