Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Accident Report On Recent Bethany Road Wreck.

Many thanks to Katherine Fies of the City of Milton for providing this information to us.

Accident Number: 10-01712

Date: 8-18-2010

Road of Occurrence: Bethany Road

Time: 15:32

Off. Arrived: 15:37

Total Number of vehicles: 2

Driver #1: 2002 Nissan Altima Blue

Driver#2: 1999 Ford Explorer Maroon

REMARKS (Officer At Scene)=>
Vehicle #2 was traveling north on Bethany Road when it came to a stop due to a vehicle in front of it attempting to turn left. Vehicle #1 was traveling directly behind Vehicle #2 when it struck it from behind.

No injuries were reported on scene.
Vehicle # 1 was towed by United Towing.

Once again, another wonderful Milton Police Officer comes to the rescue of those in need!

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