Tuesday, August 10, 2010

97 Comments In 24 Hours...


Never in the 4 plus years of's history have we experienced so many comments on one topic in such a short period as we did in the post about Birmingham Falls Elementary. Regardless of your stance, it is impressive to see so many parents active in their children's lives. America needs more parents of this caliber.

In witnessing such activity and passion, I encourage you to not stop there. Become active in your hometown of Milton, GA. Options of making this city the best it can be are endless; from supporting our wonderful Milton Police Officers and Firemen to reaching out to someone you don't know and simply say "Hello, neighbor!"

As I have said many times since we voted to incorporate, Milton can be that shinning city on the hill. All we have to do is practice objectivity, courtesy, and respect / equal treatment for all; be it residents in a subdivision or open road neighborhood. If we can do that, our families are safer, our property values are protected, and our lives are that much better.

I'm up for it, neighbor - How about you?

Tim Enloe / / 770 653 0552


Anonymous said...

There was very little courtesy in many of the posts about BFES and Mr. Trussell. I would love to have all the sassy-mouth keyboard "venters" say this to each other in a public forum. The principal at Hopewell was "replaced" suddenly several years ago and there didn't seem to be this kind of uproar. What is the difference?

Signed, A satisfied parent of North Fulton public school educated students

Anonymous said...

Tim, you are a very giving and kind person. I am honored to be included in your circle of friends.