Monday, August 02, 2010

New tree ordinance information.

On July 7, 2010, Milton's City Council passed a Tree Conservation Ordinance. As such, all residents who want to remove any trees greater than 15 inches in diameter must complete a Tree Removal Permit Application, available at City Hall.
The applicant must completely fill in all shaded areas on the Tree Removal Application Form and return the completed form to the City Arborist, Mark Law.

The ordinance also requires that a person or company hired for the removal of trees be properly insured and registered with the Georgia Secretary of State or have a current City of Milton business license.

The City Arborist will review the application and the specified trees.
· If the tree(s) are dead, dangerous, or diseased, then a permit for their removal will be issued by the city. A detailed report from a certified arborist or a site visit by the city arborist may be required. No permit fee will be charged to the applicant.

· If the applicant is removing live, healthy trees that are protected by the city ordinance, zoning, or permitting conditions, then a permit will be issued and a permit fee will be required.

Mitigation Required

All live, healthy protected trees that are removed MUST be mitigated as determined by the city arborist. The arborist will determine the number of replacement/recompense trees to be planted on the property. If the number of trees to be planted on the property is less than the required number for replacement or recompense, then a fee , as determined by the city arborist, will be paid in addition to planting the specified number of trees.

Permit IssuedBefore the permit is issued, the applicant must agree to: plant the specified trees; pay the required fee, if any; sign Section C of the Tree Removal Permit Application; and return it to the city arborist.
A Tree Removal Permit Application Package will be available at the city's Web site soon.


Anonymous said...

Law needs to put the application where the sun does not shine.

Anonymous said...

Interesting law. My interpretation is that I need to make sure that none of my trees reach 15in dia.

Anonymous said...

They are my trees - why should I have to pay you for permission to remove them. Let's turn it around -you pay me to leave them.